What is a patent. Explaining in simple terms

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בתאריך 5 יולי, 2022

What is a patent. Explaining in simple terms

What is a patent. Explaining in simple terms

A patent is a document that protects the rights to technological or design solutions. It can protect a company or person if someone tries to copy a product without permission.

Invention. This is a technical solution in any field, which can refer both to a product, device and substance, as well as to a method or process. A patent for an invention is issued for 20 years, but it is the most difficult to obtain. To do this, the invention must be: a) new, b) has an inventive step, c) is industrially applicable.

useful model. It is always a device (or part of a device) that helps in solving a problem. For example, a certain design of a machine or tool. Here legal protection is provided for 10 years. It is easier to patent a utility model, for this it must be: a) new and b) industrially applicable. And you can license your patents in companies that license patents .

Industrial model. This is understood as a decision concerning only the appearance of an industrial or handicraft product. It can be a shape, configuration, ornament, or even a combination of colors and lines of the product. The term of such a patent is 5 years. It must be a) new and b) original.

There is a whole industry of patent trolls in the world. These are organizations or entrepreneurs who buy patents or register trademarks for themselves to benefit from the protection of exclusive rights. Trolls are divided by types and methods. Battle trolls actively attack companies, sue and engage in open extortion. And aggregator trolls position themselves as defenders against the former and, when the victim meets with claims, they appear and offer to join their patent pool for a reasonable amount, thereby protecting themselves from attacks.

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