Be Prepared For A Fashion Emergency

בתאריך 4 מאי, 2022

Do you panic when you get a party or business invitation that says: ‘formal dress?” Be prepared by having a range of formal dresses in your closet.

Be Prepared For A Fashion Emergency

How many times do you say: ”Oh I have nothing to wear,” even though you just bought a formal dress? If you are a woman and reading this, you are probably laughing. Because even though your closet is jam-packed full of beautiful clothing, you still have nothing to wear. And we believe you, because we have been in the same situation so many times! You may have plenty to wear, as your best friend, partner, or husband will tell you, but perhaps you don't have the appropriate thing to wear. Well, the answer is to be prepared for any fashion emergency. Always keep the few custom staple fashion items in your wardrobe and never say: “I have nothing to wear” again.

A clever closet

If you want to avoid fashion emergencies, shop cleverly. You should have a few formal dresses hanging in your closet, a few party dresses, a little black dress or two for cocktail parties, something classy, and something for a business meeting. Apart from that, you should have two good pairs of jeans, one blue and one black, a couple of sophisticated but simple long-sleeved white shirts, a long-sleeved black shirt or two, also simple, and a few nice jackets. Keep a range of shoes, flats and heels, and have a sophisticated pair to wear with your sophisticated dress. And if this all sounds expensive, and you are thinking it is impossible to do this because of your budget, know that there are many options when it comes to buying clothes. And clothing, good quality clothing, does not have to cost you a fortune.

Sophisticated but simple

We do believe in buying good quality clothing, as this is always clothing that somehow always stands the test of time. Have a few classic little black dresses. Have a few classic business suits. Have some classic formal wear. Have classic shirts and jackets and jeans. And slowly build up your collection. You do not have to buy everything all at the same time, as that really will cost you a fortune. Buy one item today, and one item next month. Don't be tempted to buy cheap and poor quality clothing, or next month it won’t appeal to you. Buy quality, spend a little more money, but always have something to wear. And sure, buy a couple of outrageous and trendy things that you love, but mostly, keep the emphasis on simple but sophisticated.

Favourite designers

If you have a pair of jeans that you love, note the designer and get the same brand next time you need jeans. If everyone compliments you on a specific white shirt, get it in black too. If you feel fabulous in the formal dress you bought online, use the same online store next time. Get to know the shapes, styles and brands of clothing that look good on you. Next time you need a formal dress and have nothing to wear, you know where to go.

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