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Amazon Seller Services – Grow Your Ecommerce Business by 10x on Amazon In 2020

Amazon is the future. It is the largest e-commerce market place with millions of sellers from across the world. Previously in 2018, the company was valued at nearly $1 Trillion. 

Product Design by Solidworks

By: Goodman
1. Project Management. 2. Electronic Product Structure Design. 3. Chinese and English translation. 4. Customer collaboration.


The goal of this project is to foster communal living through affordable housing amongst the end users using Eco-friendly building materials (shipping containers, bamboo and the likes) while also ensuring privacy

engine designer

 "internal combustion engine"


A human activity in creating visual auditory or expressing the idea in a creative manner is called as art. Art needs concentration and delegation to the work and should be appreciated for such hard work.

Skyer Technologies - The Art of Creation

The team behind the Skyer has years of R&D experience from leading high-tech companies. Leveraging on our different backgrounds, we create products with unique structure and system in order to give the best solutions for the world’s needs. We provide a wide range of services starting from requirements specification till prototyping and preparation for mass production including business plan ...

This minimalist turntable shows you its inner workings

When you strip away all the fancy bits, here’s what’s left.


Neuro Omega is the world's most advanced Microelectrode Recording (MER) system for intra-operational functional neurosurgery. This system provides real time feedback on the surgical targets during the procedure for the treatment of movement disorders and is ideal for all medical institutions that offer functional neurosurgery. Neuro Omega provides electrophysiological recording and stimulation ...

Noga seats: From sketch to production.

Study Case, From sketch to production

Noga seats from sketch to production

Study Case- from idea to production
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