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Top 10 Reasons to choose Android for App Development

Currently, Android has gained an amazing popularity and is the most demanding career option for many techies. It is a open source platform which has lots of advantages. Let's find out here.

Indglobal Digital Private Limited, UAE

Indglobal is an award-winning web design and development company in Dubai offering premium web solutions. With the expertise of 10 years, we have worked with start-ups to industry giants including Jockey, Vinita Michael, Dolphinml, Euro Gulf UAE, Ast Saudi Group, AL Kamal, Mema Oman, Royal Arabian, Vitta International, SR Intelligent Technologies etc. At Indglobal, we believe in laying a solid ...

Strategies of a Mobile app Development Company

A good Mobile app development company in Zimbabwe follows the right strategies to come up with personalized mobile applications.


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mobile design

By: icorp
Enlightenment on how to execute mobile design

Upcoming Mobile App development trends for 2019

Mobile App Development Trends are changing every passing minute. 2017-2018 has been a fast track year for the landscape of App Development. With the advent of newer technologies like AI and IoT, the concept of Mobile App development and the way Mobile App developers work has undergone a tremendous change.

Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Do you know what to look out for and what to implement in your mobile app in 2019? Take a look at the top mobile app development trends for 2019:

Buy Guest Blog Post For Best Return

Quantity does not count here but quality does. So if you want to grab attention you should have a praiseworthy blog so that you can reach a strong link.

How much does it Cost to build an Online Food Order & Delivery App like Swiggy and Zomato

Two of the most popular apps that are highly in demand and have been successful in full filing the expectation of consumer are Zomato and Swiggy.

The Right App Store SEO In Current Business Scenario

The two areas of promoting an app internet and app store often create a great dilemma among marketers.

A Survival Guide For Third-Party Amazon Sellers

Business as usual is coming to an end for many third-party Amazon sellers. Competition on Amazon U.S. is reaching new heights and it’s only going to get worse from here.

Select Raz Technology For online Marketing Your Business

We ensure that our professional developers have an efficiency to fulfill your requirements and expectations. So it is essential to select Raz Technology for you and your business growth.

Comparison between Flutter Vs React Native for mobile app development

Block creation for any user interface is one of the key aspects and an are of difference between React Native and Flutter. React Native relies more on the native components, whether it is Android or iOS.

Cool computer hacks

By: Newslat
Top bloggers in India are in huge demand; one of them is NewsLat which comes under the top technology in India. This site is just like any other worldwide news & tech services that provide you with everything related to cool computer hacks and gives you more knowledge of computer hacking tricks alongside the latest news.

8 Key Tips to Become an App Developer

Lately, computer programming has become a top-of-the-line profession among young people beginning their career, and the reason behind it is not hard to guess. Among different ongoing global startup booms, many have decided to opt for coding as a one-way ticket to financial security and a reputed job with a ping-pong table.

10 Mobile App Development Trends in Jaipur To Watch Out In 2018

With such fast-paced tech development globally, apps are all set to rule the global world and while we delve deep into the predicting upcoming app development trends, here is a list of app trends in jaipur that are bound to trend in the forthcoming years.

5 Benefits of Android App Development for Businesses

Android is free and an open stage based on Linux. Android Application Development Company is likewise an open source solution for mobile phones offering an entire programming stack including working framework, center product, and key mobile applications.

How Mobile App can help a Business to build its Roots Stronger

It’s a fact that all the businesses have their own website. In fact, many businesses have minimum one website which is rich-functional – but we cannot deliver the same statement for the mobile applications.

5 Top reasons to hire the best mobile app development company

App development playing extensively crucial role in today’s competitive mobile market. There is no symptom of slowing the development of the mobile app, as well. If you have an idea regarding an app and want it to developed soon, you first have to decide your requirements for app development.

8 Best Business Phone Apps of 2018-19 For Rich Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

Looking for the best business apps? This post provides you the 8 Best Business Phone Apps of 2018-19 For Rich Entrepreneurs and Businessmen Owners.
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