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Buy Sativa-Cannabis Flower at the Palm Springs Dispensary.

By: djons son
You can purchase Sativa Cannabis Flower at a Palm Springs dispensary to treat your problems. This Palm Springs dispensary is licensed to offer recreational and medical marijuana. Patients will need to visit a doctor in order for the prescription. You can, however, purchase marijuana from a dispensary that is legal for the same reasons. It is highly recommended you seek out advice prior to buyin...

Expert tips to follow to remodel your modern bathroom

One of the trickiest places to design and remodel is your bathroom. It needs a different set of elements to choose from a pile of options making it a daunting task to accomplish.

Architectural Drawings: A Builder's Guide

the information on the drawings to a set of standardized abbreviations to make them easier to read and less crowded. These are given in a set of notes with the architectural drawings Mississauga.

The influence of Luxury Streetwear on today’s fashion trends

By: Meli Intl
Everyone admires fashion, or at least if not everyone, a large percentage of folks across the globe are in fashion.

How to Choose Right Stationery for an Art Student

How to Choose Right Stationery for an Art Student..

Final Project

My final project for Shenkar Jewerly department 2019.

Middle age set

By: Adonis
My icons for the future rpg middle age game)


Welcome to Bluetoonz Studio! We are a team of talented, skillful animators and illustrators with more than 10 years of experience in the field of innovative 2D animation, concept design and...

The Slave Revolution the Gave Birth to Haiti

https://thenib.com/haitian-revolution Story of the Haitian revolution and how freedom came to be on this side of the world for Haitians.

Tips for a Graphic Designer profile

Here you can see how to make a successful profile on Xplace

Moore's law and the evolution of Digital Art

Though Moore's Law is not widely known by the general public it is one of the most important discoveries relating to the advancement of technology, and through it, society, in the past four decades

Jerusalem by the Pixel

Maia Eldar interviewed me the eve of the exhibition “Digital Zion” for the magazine Kol Hazman. This is the translation of the article she wrote
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