Writing an SEO article – The only guide you’ll ever need

On 8 Nov., 2021

Writing an SEO Article is one of the most important skills that every marketer needs to know the basics for. Get only guide you'll ever need

Writing an SEO article – The only guide you’ll ever need

Writing an SEO article is a very important skill that every marketer out there should have or at the very least, needs to know the basics for. SEO is and (probably) forever will be one of the strongest marketing tools that can lift your brand and help you reach out to more and more potential clients.

So, what is SEO in the first place? Why is it so important? How can you use it to your advantage? And how an SEO article is written? Let’s dive in and you’ll get all the answers to all of your questions as you read this article.


What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the idea behind it is to “manipulate” search engines to your benefit. The way to do so is based on the fact that Google and other search engines work to give the searcher the most relevant results and to do so they are “walking around” in your website and looking to see if your content is relevant to what your potential client searched for.

Let me give you an example: if you are a shoe brand owner and your brand is focusing on selling kids’ shoes, the keyword “kids shoes” should be found on your website home page and on almost every page, article,            or other content that you might have on your website.

If you won’t include the relevant keywords, Google won’t label you as relevant to this topic and your ranking in this specific keyword will drop down significantly and will take you down to the lower-ranking positions.

If you will include the relevant keyword in your website, and at the same time have content that is connected to the chosen keyword, Google will label you as relevant to the topic and your Google ranking will go up and it will launch you to the upper end of the search results which will help the searchers, who are your targeted audience, find you with ease.


Pick the Right Keywords

An SEO article is an article that you post on your websites’ blog and gives value to the reader. SEO articles are mostly explanatory articles that will answer a question that the reader asks, like: When do I need to buy my kid his first shoes? What is the best kids’ shoe brand? and more.

The chosen keyword is the most important element in the article as we explained earlier in this article, and it needs to appear X number of times throughout the article (depends on the article length). This is one of the main things that will decide the articles’ SEO ranking.


Build Your Authority Using Links

When writing an SEO article, you will have to include some internal links so the search engine would know that this particular link is also relevant to the topic and will label it accordingly. Internal links will also make the reader engage more with your website and that’s one of the key matrices that search engines check to see if you are truly relevant to the topic.

External links are as important as internal links because they can connect you with some powerful websites. Linking to outside sources with a high ranking and which are an authority in their field, will help you increase your website authority.


Click here to learn more about links’ importance to SEO.


Think about the Reader While Writing an SEO Article

One of the most crucial things to take into account when writing an SEO article that will decide your article SEOs’ ranking is the articles’ readability.

The article has to be easy to read in terms of structure and division into paragraphs while keeping them short and sweet.

Like we said at the beginning of the article, the search engines are ranking your content according to the contents’ relevancy to what your potential client is looking for and also according to your articles’ readability.

Using photos is one of the things that will improve your articles’ readability. Tip: Changing the photos’ Alt text to your chosen keywords will help improve your SEO ranking.


SEOs’ Influence on website traffic

SEO can help you get a lot more traffic to your site and therefore a lot more eyes on your product or service. 

As we talked about earlier in the article, SEO is the matrices that make google label you as relevant to the topic, and the higher your SEO ranking is - the higher your site will be presented to the searcher.

Studies have shown that when searching on google, searchers prefer the first 3-4 first results shown and rarely click the lower results, even on the first page. Therefore, being shown in the first results need to be a priority of yours, and to do so, you need a good SEO ranking.

To achieve a high SEO ranking you need to provide good content and that can be achieved by writing an SEO article that brings value to the reader and using the elements that we talked about in this article.


Writing an SEO article is my specialty

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