How to know the responsibilities of a SAFe certified Product Owner

On 8 Nov., 2021

Xebia Academy offers SAFe Product Owner Training through which participants can master the enterprise-level Product Owner and Product Manager skills.

How to know the responsibilities of a SAFe certified Product Owner

Any SAFe POPM training  that leads to a SAFe Product Owner certification  produces a professional who is at the center of every development cycle. But the role of the product owner varies as per the environment. They typically handle key roles that cover anything from product design to business strategy. Their most basic role is to be responsible for maximizing the value of the product that is created by the scrum development team. This makes them don many hats including that of a business strategist, market analyst, product designer, project manager, customer liaison, and more.


Responsibilities of a Product Owner


A professional with a SAFe Product Owner certification  leads many areas of product development. The SAFe POPM online training  helps them gain access to the deep well of market knowledge that helps strategize and present their vision to the stakeholders. They also help the developer or the team meet their goals during a sprint while also handling management queries and concerns. They are also the face of the product for the customer. They define the vision of the entire product development team with a high-level perspective. This helps them define the goals for development and create a vision for the projects.


The SAFe Product Owner certification  also provides knowledge to the professional to manage the product backlog that defines the work for the development team. The SAFe POPM online training  provides in-depth knowledge and skills to create backlog items and prioritize them as per the business objectives. The product owner also maps out the various dependencies of a project and informs the necessary sequence for suitable development. This is a live document that continually needs updating and evolves with the project. This prioritizes the needs and allows the product owner to juggle the budget, time, and scope.


The SAFe POPM online training  also gains skills to oversee the development stages to define the vision, strategy, and priorities of a product. The professional with a SAFe Product Owner certification  spends a significant amount of time overseeing the development of the product through planning, refinement, sprints, and reviews. They anticipate the needs of the client and the management to effectively manage the development process. Exceptional communication skills and deep knowledge of their market helps them function better as a Product Owner.