Care and Precautions while giving birth through normal delivery

On 28 Oct., 2021

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Care and Precautions while giving birth through normal delivery

When it comes to giving birth, then general goal is one and the same, to get the baby out! Sometimes we have our own choice and other times we prefer a medical necessity. If you’re pregnant, you may need to decide which option is best for you: a natural birth or caesarean delivery, which is also known as a C-section.

Typically, natural births result in shorter hospital stays, lower injection rates, and quicker recovery times. Some women will deliver a baby with no medical interventions, while others may require or request some form of intervention

 These may include:

  • Pitocin to induce labour.
  • An episiotomy to allow the baby’s head to pass through without tearing the skin.
  • Artificial rupture of breaking your water.
  • A forceps delivery or vacuum extraction.

Here are a few benefits of pushing the baby out naturally in the best normal delivery hospital near me:

  • Babies that come out through the birth canal are at an advantage of ingesting beneficial bacteria. These bacteria boost the immune system of the baby. The bacteria settle in the baby’s intestine and this improves the gut health of the baby.
  • When a baby passes through the birth canal, the amniotic fluid is naturally squeezed out of the baby's lungs. This process helps the baby breathe better once he or she enters the world, causing fewer respiratory problems.
  • Like all major surgeries, a cesarean surgery also comes with a few risks. Infection at the incision area, increased blood loss, infections in the stitches post-delivery and unfavourable reaction to anaesthesia are few of the risks that one should be aware before undergoing a C-sec.
  • When a mother breastfeeds the baby within the first hour or two after birth, it is beneficial for both the mother and the child. This early feeding stimulates breast milk production.
  • Women who have an uncomplicated natural delivery can go home in a day or two while for those who have a caesarean are expected to stay 3-4 days. Though after a natural delivery one should not do any strenuous activity, one can resume daily tasks within a couple of days.

Ending Note:

Natural delivery has many benefits. However, a natural delivery depends upon many factors like the previous caesarean, the size of the baby, mother's weight, etc. It is best to discuss your birth plan with your gynaecologist and take a decision that works in the best interest of the mother and the baby. Looking for the best normal delivery hospital near me, check out here!

Care and Precautions while giving birth through normal delivery