What to Know When Buying Computers for Your Startup

On 19 Oct., 2021

Planning to start your own marketing agency or software company?

What to Know When Buying Computers for Your Startup

One of the highly significant purchases you are likely to make right away is getting new computers for you and your employees. For many people, this can be a fairly easy solution, while for others it can be a nightmare. However, you may already be loyal to a certain brand of equipment due to personal use or you are familiar with the technical specifications, so the situation would not bother you.

But before resorting to impulsive buying, it is important to take the time to assess exactly what needs you have and which computer equipment will be most suitable for your team. That is why we will present you some of the leading advice of a number of experts in this field.

Laptop or Desktop?

Reaching the phase of choosing a new system, the first solution you need to go through is to determine if you need a desktop computer or laptop. Both systems are ideal with the certain difference that each of them has its pros and cons, which you should be aware of in advance.

Laptops, on the other hand, are smaller, lighter, compact and extremely portable than computers. However, these advantages sometimes come with a higher mark-up and in most cases low power. From another angle, desktops are easier to repair and upgrade, while some laptop components are integrated in place and cannot be replaced if something is damaged.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider both options carefully and approach the following system. It states that you can buy a laptop only for those employees who will need more mobility or work from home.

Which one is More Reliable?

The way you use a business computer is radically different from using a home office, unless you have a home office that is directly connected to your business goals. Office machines are used for everything, and this usually ranges from editing to creating videos and presentations to watching high-quality graphics.

Therefore, systems classified as "business" products must always have more memory space and a more powerful processor than the user class. They often need memory that is from about 500 GB to 750 GB with a dual or quad-core processor. The strong components are used for tasks such as rendering, saving large graphics, heavy documentary projects or networking with several computers.

What Are The Main Features To Look Out For?

The average life of ordinary computers, as well as those categorized for businesses are in the range of 3 to 5 years. Choosing the right model is an important piece of the puzzle. That is why you need to choose wisely so that you can get more use out of the average. But once you approach it wrong, you could face a number of problems and annoying upgrades within a year or two.

As a result, when you start looking at the different options on the market, you will see many technical specifications. These are things like CPU (CPU) speed, RAM, hard drive or SSD storage capacity and operating system. They differ from one brand and model to another, respectively.

The Processor - the Source of Life

Consider the speed of the clock frequency is measured in gigahertz, which you have certainly encountered according to this designation - GHz. The higher this number, the faster your computer will run. However, higher speeds also use more power, so using a laptop can affect the amount of time you can run on battery power.

The cores act as separate processors. For example, a dual-core processor means that you can run two processes simultaneously, while a quad-core processor can run on four. Most cores mean better performance, but like frequency, this can affect battery life if you use a laptop, of course.

What about the Graphics Team?

The graphics card is responsible for playing back everything you see on the monitor. If you work with video or 3D graphics in any way, you will need an extremely fast video card with more memory than usual to handle the processing.

Their goal is to lighten the processor, taking complete control over graphics processing. When working with text, surfing the web or playing typical office tasks, the most basic video cards will be more than suitable for you. Mac OS is known for its high end performance especially over graphic designing or video editing tasks. As they are bit expensive but if you don’t want to compromise over the quality of work delivered to your clients, then it’s working buying. You can also upgrade your used MacBook to tech.trade for a reasonable amount and move to the latest version paying the price difference only.

Never Underestimate Memory

This is where you store your documents, installed applications and any other information related to the system. It is generally available in two main forms:

  • SSD
  • HDD

HDDs are much cheaper than SDD components and come with a large capacity, but on the other hand they are too slow. However, some higher-end computers have both built-in, using them for performance and storage of large amounts of data.