What is TSF Molding, and When is It Used?

On 23 Sept., 2021

TSF molding is a manufacturing method similar to the traditional injection molding and used for the production of plastic parts, but it is mainly used for large injection molding shell pieces.

What is TSF Molding, and When is It Used?


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The term injection molding isn’t new to those who are working in the field of manufacturing plastic products because if talking about the most reliable method for the production of strong and durable plastic parts, then injection molding is considered to be the most suitable alternative. The process is simple, melted polymer is injected into a mold to form the desired product. However, when it comes to TSF Molding, then the entire process remains the same, but with two changes. An inert is also inserted into the mold along with the melted polymer, and low-pressure is used for the injection process.

So basically, TSF Molding or Thermoplastic Foam Molding can be described as a plastic injection molding process in which low-pressure is used for the injection process, and an inert gas or sometimes a chemical blowing agent is also added to the melted polymer while injecting it into the mold. Usually, this method is used for building plastic parts with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Making it simple for you, the core of the final products built through TSF Molding has a foam-like structure because of the chemical blowing agent, while the outer walls remain thick and solid. That’s why the final products are very strong but not too heavy.

Without wasting much time, let’s explore the key advantages of Thermoplastic Foam Molding services of China Casting Orlando in order to find out when this manufacturing method can be an ideal alternative for you.

  1. The error possibility is very low in this method because of the low-pressure. In other words, since the melted polymer is injected into the mold using low-pressure, it gives you the freedom to build your products without any error, even if you want some complex designing on them.
  2. The production of large plastic parts can also be done with proper ease through this method. However, in that case, you ought to use high-end machinery to minimize the error chances.

You don’t have to worry about after-shrinkage or sink marks when the production is done through TSF molding. So, you won’t be required to invest a large amount of money on additional surface finishing. It’s a key attribute because it ultimately minimizes the overall production cost. Yes, this method offers several more advantages, but these are considered to be the main benefits of manufacturing plastic parts through thermoplastic foam moldin