Key Skills An Ideal Ruby on Rails Developer Should Embrace

On 21 Sept., 2021

Here stated the key Skills of an Ideal Ruby on Rails Developer would support your business in finding the correct person for web app development.

Key Skills An Ideal Ruby on Rails Developer Should Embrace

There are several technologies and platforms that help you form a leading web application, but if I talk about the best among all, then it is Ruby on Rails. Most of us know about Ruby on Rails, but if you don't know what it is, read the para described below, and if you know about it, simply hop reading the next paragraph.              


What Is Ruby on Rails?


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Ruby on Rails is a well-recognized server-side software development framework. It helps startups and large enterprises in forming scalable, marketable, agile, and feature-rich applications. This framework unites Ruby programming language with JavaScript (JS), HTML, and CSS to develop web apps.            


Do You Know?


  • 927,412 live web apps are using Ruby on Rails; additionally, 2,936,452 sites adopted it historically. 

  • Airbnb, Shopify, Accenture, and Twitter are the most popular brands using the Ruby on Rails framework.         


Ruby on Rails Main Features          


  • MVC Architecture   

  • Active Record        

  • Localization and Scaffolding

  • Simple Testing Tool

  • Implementation of controllers

  • Support Numerous Libraries      


Now here I will talk about the Ruby on Rails developers & to start this topic, it is really important to know what Ruby on Rails programmers do.               

What do Ruby on Rails developers do? 


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Ruby on Rails developers performs multiple tasks to create a leading web application, some of which are stated below. 


  • Writing code, developing, testing, and releasing new software and web applications on Ruby.

  • Maintaining stable Ruby code

  • Testing and maintaining the software created using the Ruby on Rails framework. 

  • Formation of back-end components

  • Meeting the customer's demand within the limited time frame.

  • Offering top-level web app development solutions matching the Ruby on Rails features and functionalities

  • Creation and administration of API's

  • Resolving small to large bugs

  • Troubleshooting existing web applications      


These are the main roles that an ideal Ruby on Rails developer performs while developing the web application using Ruby on Rails. This is why the businesses such as startups, SMEs, and large enterprises prefer to hire Ruby on Rails developers.                   

5 Key Skills Each Ruby on Rails developers Should Possess


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Here I have mentioned the essential things that each ROR programmer should know about. If you are thinking - hire a ROR developer from the best Ruby on Rails development company, then I will suggest you examine these skills in an expert.

  1. Ruby on Rails Programming Skills


JavaScripts- Few things' knowledge is really essential, and one of them is understanding JS. This is one of the high-level programming languages that is usually required in web app development. Using JavaScript, ROR developers will be able to search any sort of DOM, enclose the element in hidden HTML, manage the consent dialogues, and more. 


HTML- The developers working on Ruby on Rails should know how to write HTML, as without knowing this, a developer can't provide a better result. So make sure the developers who you are hiring for your next project must have impeccable HTML skills. Moreover, he/she should apprehend how to write and use < h1 >, < p >, < div >, < span > tags.


CSS- For better representation, the involvement of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is essential. Knowledge of CSS is the key prerequisite skill that every front-end developer should possess.

  1. Ruby on Rails Essential Component Knowledge


Syntax Knowledge: Just like other languages, web programming also has its own assortment of syntax. The syntax is all about writing loops, classes, and modules. The dedicated Ruby on Rails developers know how to address the conditional statement of a program and to represent a constructor on Ruby. The developers have the knowledge of callbacks and know how to implement them in the real-time world.                     


MVC Framework: MVC or Model/View/Controller framework is one of the key features of Ruby on Rails. It is written in Ruby and is mainly used in web app development. If you want to create a leading mobile and web application, then make sure that you are building the clear server-side; ROR developers are excellent at this. Moreover, the experts should have a clear working knowledge of each layer's meaning when and how to insert the business logic for structuring the application.


REST API: REST is a web protocol for data interchange. For an excellent web app working, the involvement of API is crucial. RESTAPIs are favored over traditional APIs like SOAP, and this is because of their easy processing and simple configuration. So, before hiring the dedicated Ruby on Rails developers, first examine whether they know how to make POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE data transactions in REST or not. 


Great hold of OOP: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is an essential part of Ruby of Rail development; it supports ROR developers to write and view the code. The developers can examine the OOP compatibility with other codes and also know how they will work in the real world. So, if you are pondering hiring Ruby on Rails developers, make sure he/she should have a basic knowledge of inheritance vs composition, creating lambdas, and other OOP aspects.


ActiveRecord: Data persistence is a crucial part of web development. ActiveRecord is a Ruby library that supports developers working with the Rational SQL database. The ROR developers knowing about the ActiveRecord and Object Relational Mapping are known to be good developers. So always hire Ruby on Rails developers having comprehensive knowledge about Ruby on Rails essentials elements.


  1. Database Skills


Food can't taste good without salt, same like that web and mobile app development can't be processed without a database. So it is really essential to have comprehensive knowledge about databases while working on Ruby on Rails or other web development projects. 


SQL- SQL is mostly used in web development. Moreover, in Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord is generally written in SQL codes, so in this case, it is really crucial that the ROR developer should be well-versed in handling any downfalls.


PostgreSQL/MYSQL- It is one of the well-known database engines suitable for web development. This is why Ruby on Rails programmers should know about this database engine.


  1. Tools handling skills


The ideal and good ROR developers usually know how to handle and manage various tools as knowing this only helps in creating leading web applications. The below-mentioned tools are very crucial for web development, so make sure that your ROR developer has the skills to handle these tools.


  • Git: It is one of the reliable and best code management tools. The ROR developer having the skill of managing Git can help you resolve small to large level coding issues and a lot more.

  • Docker, Cl, and Heroku- These are the basic development tools that every ROR expert uses during web development.

  • Trello/Asana/Pivotal- These tools play a vital role in web application deployment. So make sure your ROR developer has good knowledge of Trello/Asana/Pivotal.


  1. Testing & validation skills


Testing is one of the crucial steps followed before launching an application. So make sure that Ruby on Rails developers should have extensive knowledge about testing. The developers knowing about Unit testing, running dummy commands, and identifying the loopholes will be the right choice for you. RSpec is one of the best Ruby on Rails testing tools. The tools offer a clear picture of your testing.

Ending Note

Before hiring the developers, it is really crucial to know about the key skills of the ideal Ruby on Rails Developer, as this will help your business include the right person in your running or upcoming projects.


Dedicated ROR developers help various business verticals by providing innovative and leading Ruby on Rails development services. So if you want to create an impactful web application using the Ruby on Rails framework, then always pick the developers who have comprehensive knowledge about it.