How To Fix The USB Ports Not Working Error

By EZQuest
On 2 Sept., 2021

From this article, you will learn how to fix the USB ports not working error on your computer and why having a USB multiport for laptop is so worthwhile...

How To Fix The USB Ports Not Working Error

When you buy a USB multiport for laptop, you want to enjoy your USB devices without any problem. However, you can be disappointed when you get the error that your USB ports are not working. USB ports enable you to use USB devices such as external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives and so on to be connected to your computer so as to transfer data through cables.


However, when USB ports stop working, your computer will not be able to detect and read any of your portable devices. A lot of people say that their ports are not working and ask for ways to fix the issue online. We do not want you to face the issues of your USB port not working, whether it is your printer, mouse, keyboard or any USB device that you may be using.


In this case, the problem lies with your USB ports and not with your devices. The biggest problem is that the problem can also affect all your USB ports not working on a specific system.


Reasons why your USB ports are not working

There are some reasons why your USB ports are not working and these reasons include damaged USB ports, faulty or obsolete device drivers, power management issues and so on. However, it isn’t easy to always find the cause for an error but these were the causes that can lead to USB ports not working error.


Fixing the USB ports not working error

You can experience this error even if you use the best USB C hub. To solve this error, there are some tried and tested solutions that can help you get rid of the error. However, different computer users have different issues and so you need to look for the best possible solution to your problems.


Here is a list of some ways that can fix the error of your USB device not working.


Uninstall your USB controller

If you want to fix this error, you should try and uninstall and reinstall your USB controller on your computer. If this method doesn’t work, try the next step.


Look for device drivers

This error can be caused due to issues with your driver. If the front USB port of your computer is not working, you can try this method. To fix this problem, you can use a tool that recognizes the requirements of your system and find the correct driver that is required for the smooth functioning of the operations of your computer. It helps you not to face any risk of installing the wrong drivers from unverified publishes. Such drivers can harm your system.


Disable the USB selective suspend feature

The USB selective suspend feature is a power-saving feature on windows computers. This feature works as a battery saver for the computer by suspending or minimizing the power which is sent to the device. But sometimes, this feature has been reported to not allowing the USB multiport for laptop to get detected. As a result, the posts not working error may appear. To rectify the error, you can use the registry key to disable the USB suspend feature.