5 Ways Staff Augmentation Can Solve Hiring Problems

On 26 Aug., 2021

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing system that can reduce the time and cost of hiring. Let’s take a glance at 5 ways it can solve the hiring problem.

5 Ways Staff Augmentation Can Solve Hiring Problems

Today, hiring is one of the major issues of businesses. Factors such as expensive resources, increased attrition rate cause trouble to the companies a lot. Moreover, the compulsive laying off of the resources after project completion turns out a critical issue for some businesses. 

That's the reason staff augmentation is sought-after among businesses. It is very beneficial for companies, as it enables businesses to deal with the hiring process without actually get involved in candidate search and hiring. 

Actually, 21st century is thriving over technology, and evolution is evident. Thus, businesses need competitive tech and a workforce that can participate in projects of application integration and development. It is resulting in an increased need for staff augmentation and solving hiring problems. 

You must be wondering, what is staff augmentation, and how does it solve hiring issues. Let's understand. 

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that seeks to provide cost-effective and highly productive staffing solutions for your company.

Staff augmentation is a solution to the ever-increasing demand of companies who need more hands-on-deck but don't have enough budget available in order to fulfill their needs with full-time staff members. This outsourced management style provides flexibility as it can be used when needed without having any long-term commitments required from either side (the business entity seeking assistance vs the subcontractor).

Staff augmentation is a good option for businesses looking to outsource an important task without having the necessary in-house staff.

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For example, you are planning on developing a mobile app and need six developers but only have three of your own employees with the skills needed for this project. If it takes 1-2 months before you can find enough talented programmers, Then you can connect with an IT staff augmentation company. Outsourcing may be more beneficial since there will not be any delays or lost revenue due to staffing shortages that would happen if they were found internally instead.

The benefits of hiring staffing augmentation rather than full-time developers are threefold. Firstly, you can complete your software project more quickly and get it to market faster; secondly, with short-term contracts instead of long tenures for the programmers themselves (who may not be needed after launch), there'll be less documentation and legal hassle at a time when they're most likely not available anyway. 

Finally, you won't need to fire them if your app becomes popular post-launch, so that all parties involved avoid any extra complication or expense in doing so.

Different Types Of Staff Augmentation

After understanding the underlying idea of staff augmentation, you must be interested in knowing the variety of ways to leverage this technique. Here are different types of staff augmentation techniques you can leverage. 

  • Traditional staffing

  • Specialized Staffing and consulting

  • Master vendor

  • On-demand staff augmentation platforms 

  • Gig platforms providing access to independent contractors

  • Independent contracting

You can leverage any of these, as per your need, and save a lot of cost & time. Let's take a glance at ways it solves hiring problems. 

How Staff Augmentation Solves Hiring Problems?

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The hiring process bears a lot of hassle and also requires you to spend a lot of time and money on a variety of processes. Here are some ways staff augmentation can solve hiring problems. 

#1. Finding Talents 

Previously, employers used to be dependent on the local labor supply. They often had to reduce their benchmarks and hire less than qualified employees because they were unable to find an expert in their own country or region. 

Today, with IT staff augmentation services available worldwide, companies are able to search for experts around the globe who have exactly what is needed for a project instead of settling for someone close by but not quite right.

#2. Flexible Processes 

The hiring process can be a burdensome and expensive endeavor for employers, but outsourcing the task to specialized recruiters is an excellent way to save time. All the extensive tasks are conducted by recruitment company such as employment negotiation terms, candidate screening, and doing paperwork. 

Once you find someone who fits your needs perfectly or just wants some fresh blood in your office from outside sources, it's simple: contact professionals at staffing agencies that cater specifically towards meeting these demands!

A major drawback of using traditional methods for finding employees comes when terminating workers - many legal arrangements must be made beforehand, which are often costly for both parties involved (the employer). But by combining self-sufficiency with staff augmentation flexibility instead through work outsourced recruiting companies.

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#3. Reduction In Hiring Cost 

Staff augmentation and outsourcing your staff needs can result in a great cost reduction on many levels, such as you don't need to pay taxes, sick leaves, day-offs, and more. Staff augmentation keeps you away from all of these expenses for non-local employees. 

Second, you aren't incurring additional legal or recruitment expenses for hiring an outside vendor that might charge a premium for all-inclusive services; these savings can be substantial enough from one company's perspective as it is able to hire qualified workers overseas without the cost and stipulations associated with employing them domestically while also saving valuable time spent managing those individuals remotely.

#4. Cost Saving On Training 

Whenever your company decides to augment its staff, you will need a vendor who can either train new employees and bring them up-to-date or recruit programmers with the latest training credentials. 

Even if you are not hiring someone full-time yet, it is still worth looking into as soon as possible so that they have enough time before anything else happens in order for there to be fewer problems later on down the road.

#5. Administrative Hassle 

The comprehensive administrative support assistance must achieve a separate mention. Companies recruiting the staff on their own have to take care of the daily administration routines, such as providing employees with equipment and software or managing payrolls, accounting and legal documentation, etc., team building; 

But when you augment your workforce with an outsourced vendor, all these tasks are delegated to them, freeing more time for core business functions.


Staff augmentation service providers help companies manage the recruitment process and offer a number of different services to match your needs. They require some fundamental details such as: what will you be doing on this project, how large is the company that's hiring for these positions, and what kind of budget do they have?

When it comes down to staff augmentation service providers, there are three things every business owner should know before starting their search- all about costs involved in adding more people to work with; where best find qualified candidates - either from within or outside an organization; who exactly can meet those qualifications.

There are many reasons why companies need to outsource staff augmentation. One of the main benefits is that it spreads nationwide through their associates, which means they can get an expert anywhere in the country at short notice and with little effort. They also have trained brains who know how to apply cutting-edge technology, as well as experienced project managers who know how to deliver projects on time without sacrificing quality!

IT Staff augmentation companies offer so much more than just recruiting services; they provide resources from across the nation with talent waiting on standby, ready to be deployed when you need them most. You don’t even have to do any work other than making contact or supplying your requirements – these experts will find you exactly what you require!