Provide A Feasible Way Of Virtual Treatment For Users With Practo Clone App Development

On 25 Aug., 2021

Encounter The Various Benefits In Launching An Practo Clone App For Your Users, the key solutions of digital telemedicine, and its impact in the healthcare industry.

Provide A Feasible Way Of Virtual Treatment For Users With Practo Clone App Development

The on-demand industry is rapidly growing in the digital era. Let it be an e-commerce industry or food industry, and everything is switched to the digital platform. The mandatory Healthcare industry has also emerged into the digital market. With the fast growth in the healthcare industry, entrepreneurs are developing a Practo like App Development. Although it takes a long duration to develop an app, now app developers are in vast numbers to provide you with a robust app. 

There are many leading medical apps in the telemedicine market. They are Practo, Zocdoc, Lybrate, Doctor 24/7, and many more. The on-demand Practo Clone app serves people with instant medical treatment. Almost all hospitals have their telemedicine app. The users can effectively book an appointment with the doctor. Through a virtual meet, the patients will be assisted by the doctors.

The doctors give detailed reports of the patients and also a digital prescription. Around 95% of the patients felt comfy and curable with this virtual assistant. Bringing the treatment to the patient’s home is the best experience you could give to your users. You can create the healthcare app instantly with ready-made solutions. 

Key Solutions Of The Digital Telemedicine 

  • On-demand doctor app - The patients can easily connect with professional doctors through video or voice calls. In an emergency, the patient does not have to travel in search of hospitals. 

  • Appointment Booking app - The users can schedule their appointment through your app. This helps the doctors to organize their work plans and be available for virtual interaction.

  • Health Monitoring Solutions - This solution in your app allows doctors to periodically monitor patients' health conditions. The patient does not worry about regular check-ups. The users now can experience complete treatment by staying at home. 

  • EMR/EHR Solutions - Integrate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an excellent solution for your app. This helps to store the medical data and share the medical reports with the doctors and patients.

  • Medicine Delivery Integration - Integrating with a medical delivery can boost up your app. With the digital prescription, the patients are provided with medicines right at their doorstep. 

Winding Up: 

In brief, with your Practo Clone app development, you can provide effortless monitoring, record keeping, secured transactions for your users. Your app can be trending in the on-demand healthcare industry. You can provide the best remote healthcare services for the users. The well-experienced app developers will give 100% white-label solutions for the entrepreneurs.