Why and What Made India The Best Offshore Outsourcing Option?

On 18 Aug., 2021

You would be wondering why there is a considerable influx of IT outsourcing to India? Are Indian outsourcing services reliable? Do Indian IT professionals perform best? What are the benefits of outsourcing your projects to India? Let's try and answer your queries and clear your doubts.

Why and What Made India The Best Offshore Outsourcing Option?

Finding the right location to hire a software developer is the first step in every software development project. It requires a lot of thinking, research, and careful consideration to choose. Although India has always been one of the top choices among the best offshore outsourcing countries, some businesses still question why they should opt for India?

The statistics show that most of the enterprises prefer India. Let's glance at some stats that depict that India is the best offshore outsourcing country option globally.

Outsourcing Facts Related To India:

  • India has a 55% share of global IT outsourcing. 

  • Service distributed by India to developed countries is vast in numbers, accounting for US 62%, Europe 11%, UK 17%, Asia Pacific 8%, and the rest of the world 2%. 

  • Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai are the most significant IT hubs in the country. 

  • The domestic IT industry market of India is more than $41 billion.

  • The IT industry growth in India has been envisioned to reach $350 billion by 2025.

Another matter of fact is that India caters to more than 50% of IT services all across the world. Besides, more than 45% of IT jobs posts worldwide are filled by Indian IT professionals, making India a country of engineers and IT experts. '

Indeed, you would be wondering why there is a considerable influx of IT outsourcing to India? Are Indian outsourcing services reliable? Do Indian IT professionals perform best? What are the benefits of outsourcing your projects to India?  

Don't ponder much! Let's understand how outsourcing your project to India can benefit your business. 

Why India Is Best Offshore Outsourcing Country Option In 2021?

When it comes to outsourcing your project to other countries, taxes, hourly price of IT experts, and quality of service can be your primary concerns. However, India has always turned out to be a game-changer country in the offshore IT outsourcing arena.

Let's look at some aspects that make India the best option for IT outsourcing services.

1. Average Hourly Price of IT Experts & Services

The biggest debarring factor in every software development and IT project is cost, which forces businesses to compromise quality. But! Indian offshore services help companies to get away from this hassle.

The hourly price of Indian IT experts is comparatively very low than experts from other countries. The average hourly price to hire software developers in India is $20 to $35/ hour. Isn't it very cost-effective? While the average hourly price of developers in the US is $60 to $90 per hour.

Moreover, the other IT services in India can also be acquired at very cost-effective prices.

2. Indian IT Offshore Outsourcing Companies are Globally Recognized

When it comes to quality, global recognition is always a good indication that a company caters to the best services to its clients. Global IT benchmarks recognize many companies in India for providing the best quality IT and software innovation services.

The significant forums in this space are NASSCOM, Deloitte, Red Herring, Clutch, Good firms, and more. These forums recognize the potential of Indian outsourcing companies and reward them in different categories depending on the quality and assistance they cater to their clients.

So, If you are concerned about the quality of service, don't worry, as quality benchmarks are set and being pursued by them critically.

3. An Unimaginably Vast Talent Pool

Needless to say that India's talent pool is the largest in the world, with more than 3.1 million graduates and over 300,000 postgraduates. Altogether, 500,000+ engineering students pass out every year in engineering colleges of India that boost this pool constantly.

Moreover, the population proportion of India is made of a vast majority of younger people. 60% of the Indian population is 15-59 years old. These young professionals of India are talented, innovative, and creative.

That's why India provides a perfect recipe for attracting businesses from the world and catering best services for web development, mobile app development, software development, and other IT services.

4. Easy Communication Options & Language Compatibility

The biggest reason behind restricting yourself from outsourcing your project to other countries would be language and communication barriers. With India, you don't need to be afraid about it, as India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world.

Students in India learn English from the school level, and by the time they become engineers, their English speaking skills enable them to communicate quickly, even with foreign clients. Besides, you don't have to spend a lot of money on international calls, as their professionals are available on Zoom, Slack, Skype.

In short, the communication with Indian experts would be seamless and hinder-less.

5. Trained Workforce and Best Companies

The IT industry in India is far bigger than ones' imagination, as Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Cisco have their offices in this country. Besides, IBM, Infosys, HP, TCS, and Accenture are the biggest names in the Indian technology industry.

The industry provides jobs to millions of individuals every year. TCS, Infosys, and HCL are the biggest providers of IT services in the country. In 2019, the revenue of TCS was accounted for 1.5 trillion Indian rupees, making it the largest IT company in India.

All of the professionals at these companies are trained and experienced to carry out a number of IT jobs deftly.

6. Stable Government and Supportive Policies

The tax policies and IT can be hindering, making offshore IT outsourcing painful, sometimes. India is both economically and politically stable. The Indian government has always supported the IT industry, and its policies are very friendly, making it the best offshore outsourcing country option.

The government of India regards IT as a top priority industry; thus, its policies are highly favorable. Besides, taxes are also comparatively budget-friendly, and the Indian government offers tax-related benefits to spur the growth of the IT sector in India.

The country has an Information technology act that entails electronic contracts, Indian cyber law controls, cybercrimes so that services can be delivered to clients seamlessly.

7. Round the Clock Productivity & Swift Project Delivery

Time difference and managing communication time can be the most significant reasons behind your hesitation to opt software outsourcing service from India. Don't stress over it, as India caters the benefit of round-the-clock service to enterprises in the US and other western companies, despite the time difference.

Even if you are off from your project, developers in India would be working on your projects. This enables them to deliver your project on time. Moreover, India is recognized worldwide for offering swift IT project deliveries.

Besides, the expertise and experience of Indian professionals also enable them to deliver projects in less time. So, if you are worried about your software project delivery in this regard, remove the worry lines from your forehead as India is certainly the best offshore outsourcing option.

8. Access to Latest Technologies

The biggest reason for opting for Indian experts is technology accessibility. India professionals are gaining great expertise and experience in modern technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Adding these technologies to your project requires excellent expertise and skilled developers. Not every developer can work on these concepts and bring the desired solution. However, Indian developers have significant exposure to all modern technologies, and most of them turn out geniuses of the field.

Moreover, India's increased number of project outsourcing makes developers acquainted with modern tech know-how and gain implementation expertise. Thus, relying on these developers for your project would be like adding a cherry on the cake, as they can develop solutions up to the mark.

So, suppose you want to deploy any of these technologies. In that case, you can hire Indian developers at the most cost-effective price and relish your project's technology compatibility. In short, you don't need to hire expensive developers to deploy futuristic tech within your project

Final Text

Considering the above factors, it is apparent that India is the best offshore outsourcing country and why it is an outsourcing hub for businesses, including startups, enterprises all across the world. Outsourcing your project to India, you can achieve competitive, qualitative, and monetarily advantages.

Besides, you can also procure classic IT outsourcing services and developers at comparatively budget-friendly prices. All of this makes India the most sought-after IT and software development destination to outsource your project.

If you want to know more about IT outsourcing and hire developers to bring your application Idea to digital reality, connect with the best software consulting company in India to understand your vision and cater to the best assistance. For more information, stay tuned with me.