What is the cover sheet

On 18 Aug., 2021

That’s on the cover sheet

What is the cover sheet

As the name “cover sheet” suggests, it is the first page of the application. This applies to both the e-mail application and the classic application folder .There are endless ways to design your application cover sheet. In any case, the following information should be available on the cover sheet:

  • headline
  • contact details
  • Application photo (if you have a professional photo of yourself)

In addition, you can enrich the cover sheet with further information so that the cover sheet acts as a teaser for your application folder and the further application. For example, you can incorporate the logos of the companies and institutions you have already worked for (e.g. internship , student trainee , university degree) or you could design the cover sheet in the colors of the company you are applying to. In the CV (pay attantion resume important part of the application, use resume writer service to create it) you can then run on.


Cover page heading

The title of the cover page should be larger than the rest of the font. Because it is the first thing that will catch the HR staff's eye on the cover sheet and is therefore very important. You can use the following as a heading what we - cover letter editing service - prepear for your cover sheet, for example:

  • It applies ...
  • Application as …
  • Application for the job as ...
  • initiative application
  • Your new employee

You could also choose your own name, but that is not the best choice. These phrases are only used for inspiration, however, how exactly you title the headline on your cover page is ultimately up to you. After all, it's your cover sheet and your application.However, it is important that you make it clear to the HR manager in the title of the cover sheet what it is about: an application . Also, pay attention to what font you use for headings on your cover page, it should catch your eye, but it shouldn't conflict with the rest of the cover page.


Application photo

If you work with a cover sheet, you should also include a photo or applicationphoto on it . But it's not a catastrophe if you omit the photo here and instead put it on your resume. If you are working on a cover sheet, however, it makes sense to insert the application photo here. HR managers can see at a glance who they are dealing with.


The application photo should be created professionally.Usually the application picture is placed in the center of the cover sheet, but this is not a must. The minimum size of the photo is 4.5 x 6 cm, but it can be larger.

If you also want to add a photo to your resume, you should take another picture there so that HR managers can get another (pictorial) impression of the applicants, use resume edit service to do everything you need. If you take exactly the same picture for the cover sheet and resume, this is unnecessary duplication.


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