My first experience

On 3 Aug., 2021

Everything difficult begins with the simplest. how to start working in Smm without experience.

My first experience

So my start as a freelancer started with copywriting for a company that started courses for beginners in the IT field.
Then it was running a personal blog on Instagram. Then I knocked on various bloggers with 5-10k subscribers with an offer to become their smm-manager. Many refused or did not respond at all, but still I successfully found the first customers.
 And further: a combination of copywriting skills + knowledge of Photoshop + the ability to use  correctly and you already become an SMM specialist with basic skills.
And to all this we add creativity, aspirations, the ability to plan and create - you can start looking for the first customers and gain first experience.

The main thing is not to be afraid and strive for the best!