How The Online Gambling Market Is Changing

On 28 Jul., 2021

The changes in the online gambling market have been a long time coming and now, online gambling has taken a prominent role in the industry. That’s partly because the technology has been improving for years, partly due to the change in regulation and because of the Covid-related restrictions that have driven the players online.

How The Online Gambling Market Is Changing

This will change the industry right away, but it will also leave a long-term impact on it since a lot of these changes are here to stay and the gambling industry is adapting to them.

Casinos going digital

Casinos have always been on the lookout for the changes in technology and adapted to them as soon as the tech was available. Online casinos have therefore been there as soon as the internet itself was a thing. However, it was a small percentage of the industry at first and it was seen as the less important one. 

Now when the player’s habits have changed, so have the offers. Online casinos are looking towards providing a full and live experience, that would in every mimic that of actually being in a ground-based casino. 

Mobile Gambling 


Research shows that as much as 50 percent of all mobile users have tried gambling on their phones at least once. There are almost 3 billion mobile gamblers in the world and that’s a number that any industry needs to take into account. The mobile gambling industry has done just that and there’s a change in focus on mobile gambling in particular. 

The apps and the software that’s needed to keep the mobile players engaged, and safe online are expanding and changing every day. It also works in unison with other technology such as new payment methods and ways of keeping the users anonymous online. 

New Type of Games 


There are traditional and familiar gambling games such as slots offered by Casino Horse. They are still the biggest chunk of the industry and one that will grow in the years to come. However, the online gambling industry is also moving into e-sports and therefore attracting a new kind of player.

This will attract a younger and more tech-savvy demographic since those are the players that are familiar with e-sports and are looking for a way to bet on them. Casual and new players will therefore be a big part of the market in the years to come.

Growing Markets


All markets are growing and there are new online players across the world. The fastest-growing market is still North America since the legal background is changing and it becomes easier to gamble online as well as to open the online gambling business. 

A similar pattern to that of the US is happening in Canada, but for different reasons. While the US is changing its regulations so that it can accommodate online gambling, the market for it remains unregulated in Canada. This leads to the same effect and drives up the number of users. 

A More Competitive Landscape 


An important thing about the online gambling market is that it’s open and competitive. There are a lot of companies working in the field and new ones are being created every day. There’s also no company that’s dominant and that has a leading position in the market. 

The online gambling market is also a synergy between companies that provide the software for it and the actual gambling institutions. The role of these software providers is essential to the industry and intellectual property purchases remain essential for the development and overall growth. 

New Payment Methods 


The rise of cryptocurrencies has greatly affected the online gambling market. It’s always looking for ways of accommodating the players and their payment preferences. Online gamblers are embracing cryptocurrencies since they are decentralized and relatively safe when used on the internet. It has taken some time for the casinos to do so as well, but they are now on board.

This change is also a generational one since cryptocurrencies are still more popular with younger players. The casinos are finding ways to get to them and to adapt to their financial and gambling needs. 

Safety in Online Gambling


There used to be a time when safety was an issue when it comes to gambling online. Great measures are undertaken so that this doesn’t happen and playing online is now as safe if not safer than using traditional casinos. This goes for keeping the personal data safe as well as for transferring funds.

Licensing bodies are also taking part in the process and casinos need to be rigorous when it comes to online safety rules in order to be able to provide their services in the first place. These institutions are also providing regular checks to make sure the casinos are compliant with the rules in this area.

Working with Live Casinos


Live and online gambling establishments are no longer two separate establishments. Online players are looking for ways to experience gambling online but so that it mimics the live experience as much as possible. This is done by having the online casinos work with live dealers and organizing live events. 

Artificial intelligence developments are also playing a big role in this arrangement. That way the work of setting up a live gambling event is done in collaboration with actual staff, while most of the supporting roles are being delegated to the AI. 

To Sum Up


Online gambling is on the rise. There are more players than ever and they are tech-savvy and in tune with the new technologies and payment methods, that are taking over the industry. The biggest growth in the market still comes from the US and Canada due to how the market is regulated.

Ground and online casinos are working together to provide a mixture of online and real-life experiences to the users. There are also great improvements when it comes to the safety of online transactions needed to gamble online.  The market is projected to grow even further in the years to come.