Testing Lab in Coimbatore | Water Testing in Coimbatore

By STS Lab
On 28 Jul., 2021

STS lab is one of the best food & water testing labs in Coimbatore, including certification of ISO 9001 below quality management. Our lab is equipped with modern and latest technologies to provide you with reliable lab and food testing services in Coimbatore and Madurai.

Testing Lab in Coimbatore | Water Testing in Coimbatore

STS lab is a specialized testing service provider in Coimbatore. Offering the following testing solution like food products testing, Water testing, cooked food testing, nutritional information testing, Spices testing, Oils testing, Fruits & Vegetable products testing, Bakery products testing, Tea & Coffee testing, Coal & Coke testing, herbal and Ayurvedic products testing, soap testing, agricultural products testing, briquettes testing, honey testing, ghee testing, Rice testing, Etc.,

With a team of experts, we focus on delivering accurate test results. We conduct analytical testing for various products. We provide quality results on each testing that we conduct. We always provide fast and reliable lab testing services in Madurai and Coimbatore.


  • Food Grains, Cereals & Pulses 
  • Nutritional Supplements 
  • Tea / Coffee / Chicory/ Cocoa & their products 
  • Milk / Dairy products 
  • Spices, Condiments & related products Oils, fats and their Products
  • Bakery products and Cooked foods.
  • Fruits, Processed Fruits and Vegetables
  • Drinking Water, Packaged Drinking Water, RO Water 
  • Bore water, Well water, Ground water 
  •  Water for Processed Food Industry, Water for Fermentation Industry  
Testing Lab in Coimbatore | Water Testing in Coimbatore