Top 5 Reasons to Hire React Native Agency for Your Business App

On 27 Jul., 2021

React Native developers facilitate faster development of appealing, scalable, and high performing apps.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire React Native Agency for Your Business App

React Native is a cross-platform compatible, open-source JavaScript framework loved by developers worldwide. As per a Statistica survey, 42% of mobile app and software developers use this worldwide. So what makes React Native the top choice for business app development? React Native facilitates faster development of cross-platform mobile apps, offers a smooth and responsive user interface, and allows developers to reuse React’s code, thereby saving valuable time and energy. Companies looking for impressive cross-platform compatible native apps hire expert react native development agencies for their dedicated app development services.

Developed first by Facebook for its social platform and launched in March 2015, React Native and ReactJS soon became popular to be used by developers worldwide. Check out some of the impressive features of React Native that make it a top choice and let businesses hire expert React developers from leading app development agencies.

  1. Cross-Platform App Development
    When you develop an app in React Native, it allows you to use codes and create one shared data layer for Android and iOS. A Java-script developer can use Redux that helps track and implement changes in the application state, and offers stability and performance of the app on both the platforms without actually writing the code for them. Besides, React Native allows developers to use the ‘Platform module’ that detects platforms and help developers control the app flow or make suitable changes in apps’ looks based on the mobile app platform. 
  2. Smooth and Responsive UI/UX
    When designing a sleek and intuitive user interface that gives an excellent user experience, React Native gives you great UI/UX. The most appealing feature of React Native is that it makes it easier for developers to implement changes and repeat them on a mobile UI. Developers can preview the changes and their effects in real-time. Besides, developers can create custom style elements using JavaScript in React Native that helps them use these elements once for both platforms, rather than implementing them separately for two different platforms.
  3. Faster Development Saving Cost
    Owing to its cross-platform app development capacity, code reusability, and support to third-party plugins, React Native saves considerable time, money, and the efforts of developers. Hiring experienced developers of a react native development agency helps companies get faster web or mobile app development and benefits from the lower development cost and fast time to market the apps.
  4. Allows Development of Efficient Apps
    React Native professionals will develop appealing and high performing web and mobile apps that would help project the best brand image and assist in realizing their marketing goals. It helps in faster MVP development and can easily integrate with various platforms.
  5. Seamless Conversion of a Web App into a Mobile App
    As React native allows developers to reuse codes, it makes it easy for them to transform web apps into mobile apps. The code reusability saves time and makes React as the choicest library of frameworks for applications.  

With the time efficiency, better performance, growing community, and easy to develop apps for multiple OS, React Native framework would be a preferred choice for app developers for decades to come.