ReactJS vs EmberJS: Which JavaScript Framework Is Best For Frontend Development?

On 26 Jul., 2021

ReactJS vs EmberJS: Which JavaScript Framework Is Best For Frontend Development? The blog will help you pick one of the best platforms for web app development.

ReactJS vs EmberJS: Which JavaScript Framework Is Best For Frontend Development?

JavaScript has been one of the most popular programming languages for so many years. This is why numerous frameworks are running on JavaScript, and now it really becomes a big challenge to pick the best JS framework for web development. But if I talk about the best JS Frontend framework, then both ReactJS and EmberJS you can find in most of the listings.

Both frameworks are widely used and highly recommended by the developers as they offer integrity and efficient code-writing disciplines. Now the thing is that at a time for frontend development, we can use one framework, so now, among these two, which will be suitable? To know this, read the blog here; I have mentioned all the vital pointers which will help you know which framework ReactJS vs EmberJS will be best for you and why.            

Let's move further and begin the EmberJS vs ReactJS war…

What Is ReactJS?


                                                                                                           Image Source: ValueCoders

ReactJS is an open-source and JavaScript library built by Facebook and is utilized for managing the view layer for web and mobile applications. This frontend framework was launched in 2013, and since it's been one of the first choices among global developers. ReactJS simplicity, multiple high-grade features, elegance, and strong community made it the best frontend library. 

Well, to make efficient use of RectJS in web app development, you can avail of ReactJS development services from the best ReactJS development company. 

As per the Stack Overflow's 2020 Developer Survey, 68,9% of respondents showed interest in continuing working with React.js for the 3rd year in a row. ReactJS attained the top position in the "Most Wanted" category.

According to StackShare, 9680 big companies and 85293 developers are using ReactJS.

What Is EmberJS?


                                                                                                                                   Image Source: Wikipedia

EmberJS is one of the most organized JS frameworks. It offers developers a systemized way of coding, and usually, it allows one way of doing the task; so, the prospects of error are very less. Moreover, it supports building client-side JavaScript apps by presenting extensive management consisting of data management.

The reliability part of the EmberJS frontend framework makes it the special and most preferred framework model around the globe. Using the EmberJS framework can lessen the overall project cost, so this framework can be an ideal platform for startups and SMEs.

According to StackShare, 466 big companies and 622 developers are using EmberJS.

As per SimilarTech, 12,952 websites are built using EmberJS.

EmberJS vs ReactJS: Pros and Cons


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Observing the ReactJS and EmberJS benefits and cons can help you analyze which one is offering the best performance.

Benefits of using ReactJS

  • React.js has an XML-life syntax extension, which makes coding agile, safer, and simpler. 
  • It is very SEO-friendly; using this ReactJS, your website pages can fastly get the recognition of Google.
  • It mainly suits the apps which are based on the big data concept.
  • It includes Virtual DOM, which improves the performance of heavy-weighted applications.
  • Code components can be reused if needed.
  • The apps formed through ReactJS perform faster because it supports producing isomorphic code. The same code you can use in the client and server bases; doing so, you don’t need to replicate the same features. In addition, the overall development time and cost of coding get reduced with ReactJS. 
  • Using ReactJS, you can use the same code used in the web app for building the mobile app. This is one of the biggest and supportive benefits of this framework.

Benefits of using EmberJS

  • It has server-side rendering only, along with URL support and data binding features.
  • It provides long-term support and maintenance for the already existing project.
  • The Ember documentation is clear, short, and even accommodates data on tools to bypass old APIs.     
  • EmberJS has an intense default architecture with an excellent control system and tools for changing to new updated versions. 

Cons of ReactJS

  • The ReactJS framework is concerned about saving time and costing, but sometimes extensive coding is needed by React; in that case, you need the best extra time in developing the application. 
  • Certain browsers do not support React JS, which can cause an issue for the React developers who are required to include additional extensions and plugins.
  • It does not use an isomorphic approach to exploit apps that lead to search engine indexing issues.

Cons of EmberJS

  • Initially, the rendering might be slow; it will improve after a long run.
  • Compared with ReactJS, the EmberJS Developers community is not that huge. Moreover, it includes fewer code examples and libraries.
  • Sometimes EmberJS programmers may find it hard to find a solution as there might not be sufficient documentation. This can lead to complexity while forming a web app.

ReactJS vs EmberJS: Giants Using EmberJS and ReactJS

There are so many popular brands that are using ReactJS and EmberJS for web app development. If you also want to include your company in the brand list, then create the app using the best framework like React and Ember and to make appropriate use of the selected one, hire ReactJS developers or hire EmberJS developers. From below, view the list of famous companies using React and Ember.  


                                                                                                                     Image Source: Twitter

Brands Using ReactJS

  • Myntra
  • UberEat
  • Airbnb
  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Bloomberg

Brands Using EmberJS

  • Twitch
  • Oyo
  • Square
  • DigitalOcean
  • LinkedIn
  • Accenture

ReactJS vs EmberJS: Know Which JS Framework You Should Admire For Frontend Development


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Here I have stated the various pointers; by seeing it, you can know which framework ReactJS or EmberJS will be the best for your web development projects.  


React.js provides a complete package of robust architecture and components. It is a lightweight platform that mainly works for the presentation layer and includes various top-level features and functionalities. This cross-platform provides high speed and great performance. Ember.js is a popular lightweight framework like React, but it works a bit slow. On the other hand, it allows you to build large-scale apps with regular updates as change detection is slow.

Code Maintainability

ReactJS can manage the application code structure with its component-based architecture and can reduce the code complexity and time spent in creating the apps. Where EmberJS is also the code option for good coding practices as it maintains and lessens the code complexity. Additionally, it uses inbuilt tools for app development.


In  ReactJS, you don't get any default architecture, so you need to search the external libraries like Redux and Flux. Moreover, ReactJS coders rely on the alliance of React and Flux to create a leading web application. Where the latest version of Ember includes component-service architecture, so you don't need to find external libraries like ReactJS. Additionally, EmberJS offers a rapid development process. 

Community Support

Here I have stated the various pointers; by seeing it, you can know which framework ReactJS or EmberJS will be the best for your web development projects. 

Community Support

React JS is admired by millions of developers globally. It has great community support, includes experienced programmers and professionals. Whereas, EmberJS also has huge community support but less than ReactJS. With the support of the community, you can resolve complex issues and even can find solutions discussing with professionals available in the ReactJS community.

ReactJS vs EmberJS: Comparison Table  

The given comparison table of EmberJS vs ReactJS will help you know about the essential and best things related to both JavaScript frameworks.


Dimensions ReactJS EmberJS
Initial Release  March 2013 December 2011
Architecture model-view-view-model Model-view & Component
Performance High Level  Moderate Level 
Data Binding  One Way Data Binding Two Way Data Binding
Code Maintainability  Good   Good
Code-Base Lightweight Lightweight

 Wrapping Up

Observing various parameters, I have analyzed that most of the factors are in favor of ReactJS, so in the war of ReactJS vs EmberJS, React.js wins the race. EmberJS is also a very popular and widely used framework, so I will not recommend you neglect it.

Picking the framework between ReactJS and EmberJS also depends on your project requirement. Before picking any of the platforms, first, analyze the features and functionalities you want to add to your web app.

Moreover, if you want a good result and want to make adequate and full use of a framework, hire React.js developers or hire EmberJS developers. Doing so will help you form an outstanding web application for your business.