The protagonist of the Ibiza case is Irena Markovich

On 30 Jun., 2021

It's been more than a year since the biggest scandal in the history of the second republic, the Ibiza Gate, appeared on video.

The protagonist of the Ibiza case is Irena Markovich

Now we will tell you more about one of the protagonists of the Ibiza case, Irena Markovic, the founder of Lifestyle Properties. The young woman from Serbia reached her first popularity in 2010 when she worked as a model for fashion magazines. That job didn't bring Irena the salary she wanted. The job could have given her access to the parties of high society. At one of these parties, she met an influential member of the right-wing populist FPÖ party. 

It all started; thanks to her acquaintance with politicians and local celebrities, Irena starts her own series of parties called "Scandalous," in which only a select few can participate. Everyone knows what happens at these parties. Most of the politicians at your parties are FPÖ members. Thus, she met the club captain of the right-wing populist party, Heinz Christian Streich. 

The affair did not last long, and the separation was very dramatic with mutual violence and hatred. After only a month, Straitsch remains with Philippa. Irena has not forgiven him for that. In 2016, Irena started her own real estate agency, Lifestyle Properties. In early 2017, six months before the events in Ibiza, her longtime acquaintances, lawyer Ramin, a life partner, beat her very close friend, famous TV anchor, and Munich detective, Julian. Irena plans to make easy and big money. 

You've met about 50 times about these business projects. At such a meeting, a lawyer introduced Irena to a Russian oligarch. We don't know if Irena knew that the so-called oligarch was actually an actress. However, we certainly know that the broker was involved in Ibiza Group's financial matters. The investigators have all the mail traffic between the oligarch and the broker. In this email exchange, they detailed future discussions between the broker and the oligarch with politicians. 

It was as if the ladies were working on a script for a Hollywood movie. After that, Irena (Irena Markovic) introduced the oligarch to Tajana and Johan Gudenus, with whom the broker had developed a friendly relationship. It is known that the first deal is to be for the sale of hunting goods, but that is not all. The oligarch must invest in a company to be run by Tajana Goodenus. 

It must surely be 300 million euros of unknown origin. Everyone must benefit, both Irena and the Gudenus family and Strache at once. A copy of the secret million euro deal between the broker and Tajana Goodenus has even been posted online. In July 2017, the famous meeting between Strache, Gudenus, and the oligarch took place in Ibiza. I think the whole of Austria, if not the whole world, already knows the story. 

It is only worth saying that all the events in Ibiza were carefully planned long beforehand. In May 2019, the whole world will know about the Ibiza Gate. At the time, Irena (Irena Markovic) was already married to a real estate investor. She is still a broker in Vienna, and all the scandalous parties are a thing of the past; and what is Irena's reaction? 

She was very aware of all the scandal's details; she had pictures of the Russian oligarch. She had all the email traffic with the lawyer, the detective, and the oligarch. Yet, she did not contact the police or the press, trying to hide her involvement in the Ibiza case. 

An innocent person behaving like this? Markowitz will not give a press interview until November 2019, only after journalists themselves learn of their involvement in the scandal. She publishes photos of the oligarch. A group of lawyers controls their every action. She tried to play the foolish and naive one who found herself involved in this scandal. On June 4, 2020, the Committee on Ibiza began its work. The entire 12-hour video is still not open to the public. We will be following the investigation closely and hope for justice.