Classification Of Transformer On The Basis Of Its Utility And Supply

On 30 Jun., 2021

According to the Transformers Trutech Products have been occupied with assembling and providing the quality scope of transformers in various determinations at industry-driving costs

Classification Of Transformer On The Basis Of Its Utility And Supply

If we say in simple words, a transformer is an electronic device designed to convert alternate voltage. It generates a magnetic field for transferring power from one circuit to another. However, when it comes to choosing, there are plenty of options available in the market. A transformer gets classified on different grounds, and having the appropriate knowledge of it is significant to make the correct investment. Trutech Products is one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in Pune. With years of experience in hands, we have classified the device on its utility and supply basis that you should explore first. So, what are we waiting for now? Let's get straight to the point.

  • Based on Its Utility: Step-Down Transformer and Step-Up Transformers are two major types that classify them based on their utility. The first one is used to step down the voltage to the desired amount, and the latter one for stepping it up according to the device requirements. They both have distinct needs based on their specific applications, and one need to choose the one that fits into their work well.
  • Based on Its Supply: A transformer gets classified into two, a Single Phase Transformer and Three Phase Transformer, based on its supply factor. The one mentioned earlier is used in commercial and domestic applications, and the latter one, ideal for industrial applications.

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