Importance of Company Policy, Social Responsibility and Business Carbon Footprint Reduction

On 29 Jun., 2021

Implementing company policy with social responsibility and ensuring Business Carbon footprint Reduction will help in reducing the adverse effects of climate change.

Importance of Company Policy, Social Responsibility and Business Carbon Footprint Reduction

All companies have policies but whether the company policy incorporates social responsibility is a big question mark. A good company policy should include Energy Policy, Environment Policy, Climate Change Policy, social responsibility, etc. Social responsibility includes Ocean, Lake, River, Forest, Biodiversity Preservation, clean city, etc. When all these tasks are carried out in a company it will definitely lead to Business Carbon footprint Reduction.


Individual Social responsibility is very much important than company’s social responsibility. Let’s see the importance of Individual Social responsibility. The use of non-motorized transport or avoidance of transport is an important responsibility of individuals. As much as an individual reduces to travel that much of air pollution and GHG emission can be saved. This can be obvious in case of shopping habits. Instead of travelling to a distant place to purchase foods and home needs, the individual can choose to buy them in nearby shops. One practice getting popular is the home gardening to grow flowers and vegetables from one’s own terrace space.


These habits also involve the behaviours in workplace, such as switching off lights when not in use, using day light as much possible and carpooling to the offices. It is interesting to note that the food habits too contribute to the climate change. Eating fresh foods as opposed to canned products are relatively less carbon emissive. Also, plant based food is less GHG emissive than animal products, because livestock farming releases methane emissions.


Overall, there is yet little awareness in the mainstream media, government propaganda and school text books about how change in individual lifestyle and behaviours can bring change in global GHG emissions. More and more education and awareness must be created in this regard.