What You Need to Know About Remote Employee Monitoring Software

On 18 Jun., 2021

Remote employee monitoring software is a type of computer monitoring software used to manage remote employees' performance. Businesses who wish to improve remote employee engagement, uncover productivity bottlenecks and understand how their remote staff works use these solutions.

What You Need to Know About Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Your employees are your company's greatest asset, helping you to increase revenue and attract new customers. But how can you effectively manage their work, monitor their productivity, and delegate tasks, primarily if they work from home?

One effective way to manage your remote team is to assess your employees using employee monitoring software that helps you monitor their activities and gives you an honest assessment of where they spend their time and which activities are the best use of their time.

It is reported that 94% of organizations use some method of user monitoring, and 93% monitor access to sensitive data. The rise of remote employee monitoring is directly linked to the need for sharp productivity analysis and tracking of performance. This helps you spot potential time-wasting activities in an employee's schedule and delegate tasks more efficiently. Find out why you should consider switching to a monitoring tool to improve employee performance.

Four key business benefits of using employee tracking software

Real-time task tracking

Your customers need to know how their projects are progressing. By choosing a professional employee monitoring tool, your employees will be able to know their task updates, completion percentages, and tab screenshots in real-time to check their work. This improves transparency, which is crucial for fostering healthy relationships.

Increased efficiency

When you start monitoring your employees' performance, you can assess potential bottlenecks and help them overcome problems. You can even create tailored reports based on their activities and delegate tasks more effectively. Your employees will be able to better assess themselves and strategically develop their action plans to achieve better results. 

Follow your team remotely.

With the advent of remote working culture, many employers have found it difficult to keep track of their employees' attendance. Fortunately, with professional remote employee monitoring software, you can keep track of when your employees clock in and out of work. To prevent downtime, you can keep track of their activity percentage as they will have a timer on and monitor how active they were while working on a project. This paves the way for a fairer and more productive collaboration between employers and employees.

Improve time management

Time is money, and rightly so in the office. Successful companies differ from unsuccessful ones in the way they use their time. With remote employee monitoring software, you can view daily, weekly, or even monthly timesheets and better assess how your employees are using their time, especially if it's a time-consuming project. Plus? It helps you delegate tasks more intelligently, preventing employees from hoarding work and helping them improve productivity.

Manually managing your entire workforce can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of clients who invest a lot of resources. So optimizing even small daily tasks can help you manage ROI and increase revenue. 

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