A Definitive Guide on Employee Monitoring in 2021

On 11 Jun., 2021

This guide will help them to understand what staff monitoring is and how does it work.

A Definitive Guide on Employee Monitoring in 2021

This pandemic has done one great job to make organizations realize the worth of employee monitoring software. Well, yes. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for automatic software like employee monitoring was 43% as the companies thought not to invest money in such softwares, as the team leads can handle their team.

However, during this WFH module, the companies got to know the package of benefits. But, still, many of the startups and small businesses are lagging behind and still struggling to handle their employees in this remote work module. This guide will help them to understand what staff monitoring is and how does it work.

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What is Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring is a practice to supervise the employee’s activity and the productivity for the projects they are working on.

However, there are softwares available to supervise the employee’s activities with great precision and are known as employee monitoring software. It helps to precisely check the behavior patterns of employees working: are they sincerely working on the project or are surfing other contents and providing evidence of any misconduct directly to an administrator.

Different Employee Monitoring Solutions

Below are 5 ways you can track and monitor employees during work hours:

Video Surveillance


Video Surveillancing

The companies set up CCTV cameras to have an on the employee’s activities, and if any unusual activity is caught in the camera, you can take action against the employee. Make sure the cameras should be set on a commonplace, not directly on their desktop’s screen.

Network and Email monitoring


Email and Network monitoring

Networking and monitoring are the direct ways to monitor. Look how:

  • Network monitoring involves monitoring the infected workstations, malicious programs, and activity on the internet.
  • Email monitoring: tracking if employees are accessing official mail to send personal emails.

Biometric Machine or Keycards


Biometric Machines

Keycards: The keycards help in restricting the employees from entering unauthorized areas. Also, it helps in tracking the employee’s attendance.

Biometric: The biometric is used to mark log-in and log-out via fingerprint.

GPS Tracking


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking helps the employees who are on fieldwork. It tracks the employees to track that they reach the assigned location for the client meeting.

Employee Monitoring Assistance from most employee monitoring software is widely used nowadays. This demand increased when the Covid-19 existence was witnessed, and the remote work started. The employee monitoring tool is the least invasive method for both the office and remote teams.

Most tracking tools include features like project monitoring and employee time tracking. But, there are different other reasons for using employee monitoring tools. Let’s find out the various aspects of using the software.

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