Bitcoin 2021 Convention Miami June 4 - 5

On 2 Jun., 2021

The world’s largest cryptocurrency conference takes place in Miami, June 4 -5 at Wynwood’s Mana Convention Center. The event's keynote speakers include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, crypto 'smart contract' proponent Nick Szabo, and a Who's Who of crypto gurus.

Bitcoin 2021 Convention Miami June 4 - 5

Bitcoin 2021 will bring together some of the best and brightest minds in the space, dozens of one-of-a-kind BTC activations, and the chance to celebrate the world’s best technology in digital currency. For Miami, the conference signals its emergence as a center for crypto and blockchain technology. 

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is a keen advocate of Miami as a crypto hub, announcing initiatives to turn some parts of the city’s Treasury finances to include Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and their underlying technology, the blockchain, still mystify many. Blockchain removes the need for a trusted third party like lawyers to carry out transactions. The blockchain allows fund transfers to be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers

But while crypto remittances have taken off elsewhere, they remain a tiny percentage of inter-American remittance volumes. On the investment front, crypto experienced a short-term rally that may already be winding down. After rising to more than $60,000 in April, the price of a single Bitcoin is now hovering below $40,000

Crypto specialist Gerard Peters, founder, and CEO of QuantifAI Technologies, a fintech firm specializing in algorithmic trading and quantitative strategies in crypto and currency markets is a firm believer in crypto as the currency of the future.

“Blockchain technology is the future. It is easy to be a crypto investor. But it’s hard for a crypto trader. Now you can use hi-tech algorithmic trading strategies to keep profitable in spite of volatility. With strict risk management, it is possible to remain profitable 24/7 "

For years, blockchain has been talked about as a disruptive force in financial services and supply chains. Now it is a force in art, with a proliferation of digital works authenticated with non-fungible tokens or NFTs. But despite much discussion, there’s been no widespread shift to digital currencies, let alone blockchain technologies. 

Miami boasts of a fledgling crypto community here among those buying into the promise of cryptocurrency. In 2014 Miami served as the launch point for Ethereum, today the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Miami’s long been a hotspot for crypto developers and investors. The crypto world is currently abuzz with NFTs to buy digital collectibles, NFTs are virtual tokens that represent anything from art, virtual real estate, gaming to sports memorabilia.

Fans have been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for these NFTs or non-fungible tokens. It has spawned a virtual world of the most unlikely, unconventional entrepreneurs. One of those is Jorge Cortes. In 2018, he and several other techies launched the Blockchain Center in downtown Miami to advance cryptocurrency causes and adoption. The pandemic forced its closure but spawned  Cortes’ newest venture, Bit Basel. It’s an arts-focused group launched amid the mania for NFTs, which now represent a multibillion-dollar market for artists, creators, traders, and collectors.

NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music videos, and games. They are the digital equivalent to rare Pokemon or baseball cards. They are part of the Ethereum blockchain with extra information stored in them. These can be in the form of art, music, video, in the form of JPG, MP3s, videos, GIFs 

At Christie's first NFT auction, the Digital artwork, ' Everyday: The first 5000 days ' a collage of all the images posted online since 2007 by Beeple - a  digital artist who has created videos and graphics for Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber  - sold for $69.3 M making it the third-highest price achieved at an auction by a living artist. The price is an incongruous high for an artwork that exists only digitally on a JPG file beating auction records for physical paintings by Old Masters artworks like Salvator Mundi, Goya, Leonardo Da Vinci, Willem de Kooning.

The winning bidder owns the work in the form of a string of code, called a nonfungible token. Singer and visual artist Grimes sold $6 M worth of digital art, Twitter CEO Dorsey got into the act auctioning off his first tweet - a May 21, 2006 post that reads " just setting up my Twitter - as a nonfungible token '. It sold for $2.9M! 

Musicians who have struggled to profit from their work in the digital age are turning to NFTs to prove ownership and find an additional source of revenue. Each NFT sale of their works earns them 10% each time their NFT changes hands. Not to left behind, crypto investors now have a scientific array of digital tools at their disposal.

Gerard Peters crypto trading system, the Cash n Carry Arbitrage will be unveiled at Bitcoin 2021. Cash n Carry Arbitrage is mathematically formulated for crypto investors to be profitable 24/7, paid out every 8 hours.  This QuantifAI creation uses risk management protocols with the objective of preserving capital and generating consistent returns systematically using predictive analysis, applied mathematics, and probabilistic theorems. Bitcoin 2021 is likely to be a celebration of crypto technologies and “whales” — millionaires and billionaires cashed up by the crypto resurgence of 2021.