Mobile App Trends, 2021

On 7 May, 2021

The multi-platform development of mobile devices is actively growing and will continue to do so as customers are interested in validating their assumptions quickly. The transition to new processors is blurring the line between different development paths. The adoption of IoT is automating more and more processes.

Mobile App Trends, 2021

Why should you pay attention to mobile app trends? Mobile apps are actively embedded in our lives, the market is growing, and so is the demand for new products.

Something is in fashion, something is out of style, and something is forever. Everything has to move fast now - that's no secret 🙂 MVP helps you look around. What else. Could 2021 bring something new, and what should a young startup add to its mobile app to make an excellent product?


| Internet of Things (IoT)

An app that helps users manage their smart home.

If you thought ubiquitous smart devices were just a distant future - they're not! In the US and Europe, things like the smart home are already a well-known phenomenon. Innovative technology can even track down your runaway pet! It works pretty simply: smart devices are connected to a mobile app and can control from anywhere in the world with a phone or remote control. In today's world, the number of "smart device" believers is growing, so this trend is still relevant.

What's excellent for a startup owner? The Internet of Things is capturing more and more areas of our lives. It can be used to monitor users' needs and optimize the performance of equipment and machinery in various industries in real-time. If there is something to automate in an area, IoT will appear there. Thanks to IoT, packages can be tracked, for example.


| Cross-platform development

Competition is growing every day in many industries, and if you have an idea for a startup - you need to validate it quickly. Native mobile app development costs a lot of time and money, but the product may not be successful. So it's worth opting for a cross-platform solution. Thanks to a joint code base, it takes less time and budget to develop for iOS and Android and release a product on two platforms simultaneously. Plus, apps are updated internally - you don't have to post a new version to the AppStore and GooglePlay.

What's excellent for a startup owner? We've already mentioned that cross-platform development is twice as fast as native development but can even integrate some of React's native code into finished native apps. For example, Instagram (developed initially as native) has added push notifications and post promotions to its app.


| Portable devices

There is a development of mobile devices; there is also application development for them—the most well-known examples of wearable devices - smartwatches, fitness trackers, and bright rings. For iOS, it is the WatchOS platform, and for Android - WearOS. Usually, apps on the Apple Watch/ Xiaomi Mi Band connect to apps on the devices. In the future, the operation of these devices will be autonomous, without connection to a smartphone.

What is suitable for a startup owner? The separate app for the Apple Watch has not yet at every step. You have the opportunity to be the first in this area. Standalone devices will allow you to save your work even when you don't have a phone handy. A frequent notification system will keep user activity on a favorable page.


| Application Quotes

They allow you to access one of the app's functions quickly. Quickly, because instead of downloading a complete application, you can use a specific service. The trick is not to download the full app but use the particular service. If you want to book a bike or familiarize yourself with a restaurant's menu, scan the QR code. After that, you will delete the app from your phone. It only works with Apple devices so far.

What's suitable for a startup owner? Users no longer want to download an entire app for a single action. So if you're going to make their lives easier - simplify this process. Before using the service, you had to go to the app store, find what you needed, and wait for it to load. Now, all replaced by one click - users will appreciate it!

| Biometric authentication

You've probably paid for purchases multiple times using TouchID and FaceID in apps and real life. Facial recognition is another option. If a security guard asks you to show your documents and you're not sure you've taken them with you, you may run into trouble. The facial recognition feature allows you to get information about a person and speed up that process. A good example is Amazon Rekognition. It is an in-depth video and image analysis service that searches and identifies people's faces. You can use it to identify people, situations, specific actions, text, and inappropriate content.

What's suitable for a startup owner? I can use these statistics for marketing purposes. For example, the system remembers that many people ordered the same cocktail at a bar or, conversely, that no one called a particular product. This feature will help establishment owners to improve their services further.


| Super applications

Because of an application that combines several applications at once! A single ecosystem with everything in one place, a mix of everything a user might need.

An example of a super app - the Spanish startup Glovo. Through them, you can order food, go to the pharmacy and deliver your goods to another place (or vice versa, it's up to you 🙂 No need to leave the app and download several apps for different purposes, because now you can do everything in one. Nice.

What's suitable for a startup owner? Anyway, the latest mobile app trends are leading to an increase in in-app functionality. We believe the emergence of super apps will lead to competition within a single niche. The best ones will be those where users can move from one service to another as seamlessly as possible

| Summary

Simplifying everything is now the primary trend in the world of digital products. Have you noticed? All the mobile app trends listed have one important commonality: they aim to make the user experience more engaging and faster. At the same time - to speed up and optimize life processes. Times are changing very fast, and you can't be unaware - keeping up with trends is vital if you want to bring a great product to market. If you are looking for a developer you can contact top app development companies In India.