On 1 May, 2021

website development is constantly changing. However, the foundation of any website is a quality user experience; it is something that a web developer should always consider important.



In the current global pandemic, digital innovation has become more critical. Online business skyrocketed in 2020, but companies in almost every sector are fighting for a place in the online ecosystem.


Alongside the increased competition, businesses also need to adapt to dynamic user demands to ensure their website doesn't look dated.


Below are 6 web development trends that will have an impact in 2021.


1| Single page applications


It's a real headache when you click on one web page and another downloaded from the server, which takes a lot of time and leaves a wrong impression on the users, which has become a trend in SPA.


SPAs are one of the recent trends that avoid many interactions with the server. It also provides a high level of data protection as well as better page performance.


Therefore, a single-page application can define as an application that runs in a browser and does not require page reloads to function. Examples of such applications include Google Maps, GitHub, Gmail, and Facebook.


2| Progressive web applications


These applications have been around for some time in the web development world. Recently, they have become popular because they come with a state-of-the-art user experience. It allows users to easily and quickly access a website using a mobile device such as a computer. The PWA mechanism in web development is visible due to the boost given by mobile technology.


Another feature of PWA is that it allows access to some website functionality even offline by storing persistent files in the browser cache. Thus, PWAs offer a double advantage over the standard offering, namely accessibility to essential functions without the Internet and a mobile-first experience.


3| Serverless architecture


Serverless technologies are becoming increasingly popular to improve website performance by combating system congestion, simplifying web development, and preventing data loss. It is one of the six web development trends for 2021, an example of cloud computing, which quickly takes over tedious but straightforward tasks such as exporting objects, installing backup files, and broadcasting notifications. Serverless architecture can change the way you think about web development by providing decent results at lower costs.


4| Voice commerce


We can see the evolution in the way we capture information today. Today, people are obsessed with AI assistants or chatbots with voice instructions. As a result, voice communication is booming because it is more convenient and faster than typing questions into a search bar.


However, a voice interface is not yet available. Nevertheless, it expects that this mechanism will soon become widespread in society, which could be an excellent evolution in your web development strategy.


5| Web assembly


Statistics show that 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in 2 seconds, and 40% of people abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 


 The abandonment rate, conversions are reduced by 7% if there is always a one-second delay in responding to the website, which means less profit for the company in the long run.


In other words, a beautiful website is not enough if it does not perform. However, the limitations of JavaScript often make the site slower, which affects the user experience. It is also the reason why WebAssembly is becoming more popular. It allows you to assemble the code of any programming script into bytecode that can execute in a browser. It allows for faster load times, less clutter, and cross-browser compatibility. These are the basic principles of the latest web development with WebAssembly.


6|  The RAIL module


This concept was first introduced in 2015 but has recently hit the headlines for two critical reasons, faster web page loading time and improved website performance. RAIL stands for:


Response: Every input receives an immediate answer in 100 milliseconds.


Animation: Each structure is said to complete in 16 milliseconds, with dragging and scrolling being the main components.


Idle - This improves work by loading only the necessary components of a page immediately. Can load the other elements later in the background.


Loading: These are the main elements of the page that are loaded initially to attract users and keep them engaged with the carrier. These elements are the home screen and the navigation bar. When the home screen loads, the longest it takes is one second. Everything else takes a few milliseconds.


| Synopsis

It is always good to hire a dedicated web developer or top web development company in India to make the most of these web development trends.