9 Tips for Easier Business Travel

On 29 Apr., 2021

Business trips can be stressful, but after a few tries with these tips in mind, you will become a real travel pro and perform like a champion in your foreign meetings!

9 Tips for Easier Business Travel

Since the travel situation is getting better and better every day, you might have your first business trip in a while coming up. No matter if you’re trying to leave a good impression or just want to have a smooth trip, being prepared is the best route you can take. So, here are a few tricks to help you handle every business trip like a professional. 

Pack well

Don’t hesitate to take two or three tries when packing your business luggage—removing a few items and adding others will let you stay perfectly packed. For men, a good rule of thumb is to pack a maximum of two suits with shirts and ties that can be mixed and matches. For ladies, pack a maximum of two blazers with matching trousers or skirts. 

Choose your color scheme

If you want to travel light (and you do) a good color scheme can greatly contribute to your efforts. Choose darker colors like black or dark blue and combine them with color-complementary shirts, blouses and accessories. This allows you to mix and match and get a bunch of outfits with only a few clothing items. Also, darker shades always look more professional! 

Stay wrinkle-free

No matter how hard you try to fold them perfectly, your clothes will wrinkle. To minimize creasing, here’s what you can do: pack your clothing in dry cleaner bags, take them out of the suitcases when you get to the hotel, hang them in the bathroom and turn a hot shower on to create a steam room that will take out those creases. If that’s too much work, just invest in a travel streamer

Have a good exit strategy

If you don’t want to be late to any meetings, make sure to check your flight status before leaving for the airport. In case there’s a delay, you can inform your clients in advance that you might be running late. Also, select a seat in advance so you can be at the front of the plane which ensures a quick exit. Another great tip is to visit a car rental counter within the terminal and rent a vehicle—this is a service available at some airports in Australia. If you book your car rental at Melbourne airport, you can pick up your keys as soon as you land. When you have your own car, you have the freedom to make your own itinerary and even have some fun after business hours. 

Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation is key to smooth business travel. If you only have one place where you conduct business, book a nearby studio apartment to reduce that stressful commute time. Besides being quite comfortable, these studio apartments also offer other handy amenities such as a kitchen and a lounge. They are very cozy and will provide you with that homely space after a long business day.

Install a few useful apps

Today, you can rely on technology when planning your business trip, so make sure to download a few apps that make traveling much easier. For instance, Tripit creates an entire itinerary for you once you forward all your confirmation emails. Next, Expensify is great for keeping track of your receipts and expenses, as well as monitoring your mileage. iPhone users also have Apple Wallet that stores all your credit cards, memberships and boarding passes so you always have everything at hand. You can find an app for every travel aspect today, so dig out something that matches your travel style and let technology make your business trip a little easier. 

Stay charged and connected

Today, staying connected is one of the most important things, so make sure to always have all your chargers packed. If you know your electronics start gasping for electricity very fast, invest in power banks that will ensure your batteries are always charged. For best connectedness, grab a local SIM card with data as soon as you land.

Get familiar with local culture

If you’re traveling to a foreign country with different culture and customs, it’s smart to learn a little about the destination and its people. After all, there’s nothing worse than looking like a fool or offending someone just because of your ignorance. For instance, do you know if you should tip your waiters after a traditional dinner at a Chinese restaurant? Or do you know how to give business people in Japan your business card? Or if English is not the common language in the country you’re visiting, it’s great to learn a few phrases that can make a great difference when you’re making first impressions. 

Stay forever-ready

Frequent travelers might want to have a separate suitcase for travel that will always stay semi-packed with necessities like a toothbrush, TSA-approved liquids, underwear, socks, gym clothes, first aid kit, over-the-counter medication and extra chargers. This way, every time you get a last-minute business trip call, you will only need to add a few items and you’re ready to roll. 

Business trips can be stressful, but after a few tries with these tips in mind, you will become a real travel pro and perform like a champion in your foreign meetings!