How do I fix corrupted JPEG files with best software solution?

On 29 Apr., 2021

How do I fix corrupted jpeg files using both manual and non – manual methods and without losing any crucial data of users.

How do I fix corrupted JPEG files with best software solution?

How to repair broken jpeg image file – Complete solution

Most of the users who are using digital photography have come across the fear of corruption jpeg files. Are you also one of them who is facing same situation and searching for how do I fix corrupted jpeg files? But not finding any right solution. Here, in this blog we are going to discuss about this process.

User query: Hi! I am Joan Mith. I have some corrupted jpeg files and now I am searching solution for how do I fix corrupted jpeg files? But I am not able to find the right solution. Kindly help me out from this situation as these jpg files are very crucial for me. Thank you in advance.

Just like above user there are many users who are searching solutions for this query. This issue can be solved with the help of both manual and professional method. The threats to the images have also increased a lot with increasing technologies. There are multiple reasons can corrupt the images and make them inaccessible.

Reasons behind the corruption of JPEG files

  1. Malicious attack on the image files leads to corruption of data.
  2. Sharing files via improper medium.
  3. Issues related to hardware and software.
  4. Power loss and system shutdown during the process of file transfer.
  5. Abruptly system shutdown.

Methods of fixing corrupted jpeg files

There are two methods to fix JPEG error.

  1. Manual method
  2. Professional method

Fixing corrupted jpg files with the help of manual solutions

Repairing corrupted jpeg files by repairing with image editors

User can take the help of Professional image editing tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Picasa. These applications can also be used to repair corrupted JPEG file issues. By renaming them may be fixes the problem of users.

But these are always not useful for users. Therefore, using this method is not a good idea.

Changing image formats of jpg files

User can also try to change the file format to fix corrupted *jpeg files. By changing the file format of JPEG or JPG files to another file format might just help users in this case. Tinkering with different formats might undo the effect of damaged images.

But as usual this might not help users every time. It will also not give accurate results. So, its better to use third party solution.

Fixing corrupted JPEG files with the help of professional solutions

Jpeg repair application is best suited application for users. It helps them in completing the task. Users can easily operate this freeware tool without learning any technical skills. It is best image repair software to restore images in healthy high definition and actual images. Tool has very easy–to–use and straightforward graphical user interface. It is an efficient utility for solving the issue of how do I fix corrupted jpeg file. This application is totally compatible with all Windows versions.

Some fascinating features of JPEG Repair application

  • Users can use this program with ease. There is no need of any technical skills to use this application.
  • This application is also able to batch repair broken JPG files.
  • Tool also provides both free and licensed version of the tool to its users.
  • User can also restore repair JPEG at specific location.

How do I fix corrupted jpeg files – Complete step wise procedure

Users have to follow some simple steps to complete the following task without facing any issues:

  1. First, install and run the JPEG Repair application on your windows operating system. Then, select “choose folder” to upload specific folder having jpg files.

  2. After that, user can preview all *jpg images in the software panel. Select any image for analyzing broken jpeg files.

  3. After completion of the repair process, user can preview JPG image in original view.

  4. This software also gives user a separate option to preview repaired view in the software window.

  5. Thereafter, press save button to continue fixing corrupted JPEG files.

  6. Then, user can browse the destination location if they want to save the resultant data in different location.

  7. Finally, click on next button to start the process of how do I fix corrupted jpeg files.

  8. At last, tool will open destination folder after completion of task. Where user can easily get the output *jpg files.

Commonly asked questions of users and their solutions

Q 1 ~ How do I fix corrupted jpeg files?

A ~ Follow some simple steps to complete the process:

  1. First, Download the JPEG repair software on pc.
  2. Launch the application and add JPG photos in GUI.
  3. Choose broken JPEG images from software window.
  4. Then, browse destination path to store resultant JPG.
  5. At last, press Save button to repair broken JPG files.

Q 2 ~ Does this software repair multiple jpeg files at the same time?

A ~ Yes, this application repairs multiple photos at the same time. User just have to select the damaged files that they want to repair. Then, click on save button to start the process.

Q 3 ~ I have restored my permanently deleted JPG images but these are corrupted photos. Is it possible to solve this with the help of this tool?

A ~ Yes, it is the specialist software to overcome these types of problems. Sometimes this software fails to recover damaged and deleted *jpg files.

Free trial version of the application

The best thing about this program is, it has two versions i.e., Free demo version and paid version. If user is facing any kind of doubt, then he can go with the demo version of the application. Through demo version user can fix 5 jpg files easily. After having satisfaction user can buy the licensed edition of the software. In which user will get more benefits and can fix unlimited jpeg file.

Concluding Lines

In the above write up, we have explained about how do I fix corrupted jpeg files. Now, user will not face any issue in completing the following procedure. By following above mentioned steps user will not face any difficulty. In the above blog we have mentioned about both manual and non – manual solution. But using automated solution is best option for users. It will help users in completing the following process efficiently.