Mern Stack App Development: What Does the Future Hold?

On 27 Apr., 2021

Mern Stack is one of the most popular stacks for development. In this blog, let us know the ins and outs of Mern Stack and where it is being used.

Mern Stack App Development: What Does the Future Hold?

Decided to go with Mern Stack but confused about its speed, productivity, and other things. Take off all the worries and go through the following analysis, giving you a clear vision to choose a mern stack for web applications development.

Mern stack is one of the most used stacks app development that makes a great impression on the app development technology solutions. It complies with ReactJS to deliver dynamic web applications.

Do you know? According to a 2020 developer survey, 42% of software developers used React.

Mern stack is very popular nowadays amongst developers who love using the stack after Mean stack. There is only a difference between both, and that is the use of Angular and React to create front-end web applications. Mean stack uses Angular, whereas Mern stack uses React.

React offers you the freedom to pick tools, libraries, and architecture for developing web applications, whereas Angular gives you less freedom and flexibility to build the applications.

If you are techno-friendly, you know that a stack is nothing but an amalgamation of frameworks, coding languages, tools, and libraries that developers use to create robust web applications.

Mern-Stack uses four components to create effective web applications. These are:

1. MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source document database that can store data of large volumes with scalability. Moreover, it can run over different servers, ensuring quick data integration within web applications.

Key features

  • MongoDB is well known for its flexible and scalable features.

  • It uses native applications to manage multiple copies of the database.

  • The data Is stored flexibly with JSON (Javascript Object Notation) base query language.

2. ExpressJS

ExpressJSis a minimalist and lightweight framework that developers use to build up back-end web applications. It runs on top of the NodeJS, maintaining the server and its routes.

Key features

  • ExpressJS simplifies server code writing, and developers don't need to write the same code repeatedly.

  • It is well known for its fast speed and minimal architecture.

  • Express is used to create single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.

3. ReactJS

ReactJS is an open-source Javascript library that is used to create front-end web applications. It facilitates the way for developers to use a single code base on multiple platforms. Moreover, ReactJS offers tools to build scintillating user interfaces that enhance the quality of front-end web pages.

Key features

  • React follows a one-way data-binding protocol that means the data flows in one direction throughout the application, giving control over it.

  • It boosts the productivity of web app development and ensures faster rendering.

  • React has vast community support as well that enables connectivity amongst developers.

4. NodeJS

NodeJS is an open-source platform that is considered to be a Javascript runtime environment. It deploys the code outside the browser, on the back-end side.

Key features

  • NodeJS library executes quick coding and enhances scalability.

  • It is easy to use and paves the way for ExpressJS to work efficiently.

  • It assists you on both sides i.e. server-side and client-side as the single code runs along with the whole application.

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Advantages of the Mern Stack Development

Mern stack development provides several benefits in which Javascript language is the most awesome one. Javascript is the language that is used for both web page development, i.e., front-end and back-end.

Thus, it eliminates the need for content switching, enabling the developers to build applications in less time and effort. On the other hand, the technology stack that deals with multiple languages create problems for developers to build efficient applications.

  • Developers need only to be acquainted with the use of the Javascript language and JSON.

  • The four components mentioned above of the Mern stack are well enough to create efficient web applications.

  • Mern stack offers the MVC(Model view controller) architecture to ensure the smooth flow of the web applications.

  • It allows developers to complete the development cycle from the front-end to back-end pages of the web apps.

  • The most beneficial feature of the Mern stack is cost-effective as it provides all development tools that ensure a full stack developer can create web applications. Hence, a client does not need to hire different developers to work on multiple aspects of the pages.

  • All the four components (ReactJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, MongoDB) go smoothly with cloud integration.


Popular Brands using Mern Stack

Several brands have benefited from the usage of Mern stack. Airbnb, the one that provides vacation trips to the people, adopted Mern stack to offer an excellent digital experience to their customers. There are some others as well which are as follows.

UberEats: UberEats has integrated the Mern stack to renovate the restaurants so that drivers can find it easy to communicate for foods and other eatable items available in the restaurant.

Instagram: Instagram has also adopted Mern stack to boost their site's performance, and it helped Instagram users save the post, which they found exhilarating. Developers have enabled a feature that promotes the posts quickly without any hindrance.

Walmart: Walmart is one of the most popular brands in today's world and It has deployed Mern stack to excel hybrid app performance of the website. With React the code is shared between Android and iOS platforms.



Mern stack undoubtedly offers efficiency and productivity that help to build dynamic web applications. The future of Mern stack app development is bright as it is being used by developers worldwide. Moreover, it provides all the essential tools at a platform that helps to create swift and dynamic web applications.

It is more famous nowadays owing to the inclusion of the Javascript language.

Developers can use it to develop both sides, i.e., frontend and backend web applications. Hence the code is written in the same language, and that eliminates the feasibility of context switching.

You can also avail yourself benefits of the Mern stack by contacting a top Mern stack development company and provide your audience an exhilarating user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mern stack in demand currently?

Mern stack is the most sought and in-demand stack frameworks nowadays. It helps developers to build dynamic web applications with four components including ReactJS and ExpressJS. Moreover, Javascript is a universal programming language used by developers across the world.

Why do businesses choose Mern stack for web app development over Mean?

There are several reasons behind opting for Mern stack over Mean. Some of them are great community support, MVC architecture support, low learning curve, and testing tools.

What are Mern stack benefits delivered to businesses?

Mern stack provides various benefits to the businesses in which developer's availability, user experience, and the less market launching time are some of them. It is all possible because React Native has incredible performance models.

Which companies use Mern stack?

There are several big names on the list who use Mern stack to excel the web page performance. Some of them are MS Office, Gmail, Paypal, and Walmart.