What are the advantages of using a double acting hydraulic cylinder?

On 13 Apr., 2021

Today, there are several industries that require the best lifting equipment that can increase the efficiency of their operations without having an effect on the quality. And this is where hydraulic cylinders come into the play! But, when you step out in the market there are several varieties of cylinders available that might confuse you, and this is why you need to understand their certain advantages.

What are the advantages of using a double acting hydraulic cylinder?

There are basically two types of hydraulic cylinders that are widely known to all of us: single-acting hydraulic cylinders and double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The double-acting cylinder is more commonly used in numerous operations as compared to a single-acting hydraulic cylinder. Various reasons exist to prove this statement. If you ever encounter a choice between a single and a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, then the below-mentioned reasons will prove to you why you should make a choice of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

Advantages of Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Additional fluid available

A double hydraulic cylinder undeniably will have more fuel as compared to a single-acting hydraulic cylinder. With this, you can easily make use of and operate the machinery, the movement becomes much smoother of the system that is attached with the hydraulic cylinder.

Much larger potential for force

A single hydraulic cylinder will deliver force in only one particular direction. A double cylinder will output the force both ways, depending upon its movement to be in or out. This will create a much larger force level that is more trustable and control can be easier too in comparison to a single force structure.

Higher control over the system

If your cylinder is giving more force, then you will have much better control. With the use of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, you do not have to worry about any kind of slips, trips, and difficulties along with the system. Along with the cylinder, the force will remain constant and it is a very smooth process to maintain and control your tasks like controlling a crane or lowering of any platform.

Better and increasing work output

With more fluid, the double-acting hydraulic cylinder earns an advantage and increases its efficiency and energy during the work output. This will help you in making the task more accurate and in improving the overall productivity of the hydraulic cylinder. It is easier and much faster to learn and operate for higher output, which ultimately makes the procedure of making use of the cylinder very easy. 

The endnote!

These are some of those reasons because of which we can say that double-acting hydraulic cylinders are better in comparison to the single hydraulic ones. If you are having or considering purchasing a single-acting hydraulic cylinder then you should consider making use or purchase of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder. But, before anything, the most crucial point is to get the best and the most reliable supplier that can provide you with numerous varieties of products like travel trolley and a lot more. Also, focus on the top brands like tiger products and so forth!