Web development trends 2021 for Startups.

On 2 Apr., 2021

Trends can be difficult to follow because they change so quickly. Remember, despite the changing perspectives, technical stacks, and ideas, web development's primary mission is to provide a quality user experience. This trend is here to stay.

Web development trends 2021 for Startups.

Technology is changing fast, and web development trends are no exception. Every year brings new trends. Layout components and website features that were once trendy and innovative may become redundant or commonplace in recent years.

According to the latest web development statistics, 38% of website visitors will stop visiting a website if some content or device is not attractive, leading to low conversion rates because your site looks outdated or lacks essential web standards.

Therefore, it would be best to keep up to date with future web development trends so that you can create a highly intuitive, well-functioning, and good-looking website. Through this article, I will share the latest web development trends for the coming year 2021. Here we are!

Web development standards are constantly evolving. So, developers need to stay one step ahead. To do so, they need to keep up with web development trends.

We explore some of the latest and upcoming trends in web design and development.


#1 Dark Mode


Designing a website in a dark mode not only looks good but is pleasing to the eye and brings out the colors and design elements. A dark background design better highlights features create more contrast with other colors.

Sometimes, the most visually striking web design trends start with a practical approach. Darker themes are better for OLED displays - they save energy and increase screen life. But that utility doesn't stop.

Dark environments enhance the visibility of other accent colors for a truly dynamic design. Another purpose of using dark modes is the same as for coding - it's not as damaging to the eyes.

It looks stylish and modern and is better suited to long-term users who plan to read or watch a lot of content.

Coincidentally, Dark Mode's design aesthetic also fits in perfectly with other prevailing design trends for 2021, including dark and moody color schemes combined with bright neon, as well as futuristic but dark cyberpunk and dystopian styles.


#2 3D Elements

3D visuals have always appealed to people; what has held the trend back has been the technology and expensive price tags. But the technology has now reached the point where 3D design can do without NASA-level equipment. 


Until VR becomes more ubiquitous and cost-effective, hyper-realistic 3D, which often lifts the entire screen, is the best approach to deliver a great experience on your website.

It is beneficial from a visual perspective and a UX perspective - interactive 3D design encourages users to stay on the website longer. In 2021, users can expect to see 3D web design that engages users and breaks down the barriers between digital space and reality.

I hope that I will use 3D technology more in graphic design and interaction design. Technology stimulates format and vice versa. Designers will have a handle on the vast array of creative "wanderings" in 3D space. 

They facilitate conversational play and engage all our senses in the experience.


#3 Mobile-first approach


Adaptability has long been a significant trend in web development. Nowadays, however, it is an automated part of every website. Because without it, not only does the user experience deteriorate, but search engine index rankings drop.


Today, the focus is on mobile, not desktop. Thus, one of the web development trends is to develop website or application functionality primarily for smartphones.


PWA is one such implementation approach. Another option is AMP 

These pages load much faster than HTML. They also allow the page to fills with rich animated content.


AMP use for all web applications whose users actively access the pages via smartphones. AMP design to reduce the loading or development time of web pages. AMP pages can load in 0.7 seconds instead of 15 or 20 seconds.

To implement AMP technology on your website, you need to use the open-source AMP HTML framework. They are expected to become more widespread in 2021, and you should be prepared for their popularity either way.


#4 Voice search and navigation

We are all living at the dawn of the voice search era, and it is the need of the hour. Nowadays, all smartphones with digital voice assistants, such as Siri for iPhones, Google Assistant for Android phones. AI-enabled intelligent speakers are also becoming more popular.


If you want your website to found easily, you need to optimize it for voice search as soon as possible. According to a study, two out of five people say that voice-activated tools are essential to their lives.

What role does voice search play in web development? Firstly, it reinforces the value of making your website mobile-friendly. According to Google, about 20% of mobile hunts are voice searches.

Another fact is that once users have primarily mastered the use of voice search for browsing, you will want to incorporate voice search into your website as well.

Fortunately, adding voice search recognition APIs to your website is very easy. And the two leading web browsers in the world - Google Chrome and Firefox - support the technology.


#5 Website speed


The trends listed here tend to focus on better user experience, website performance, faster page load times, and anything faster. After all, we are always in a hurry to browse the web, and if the site is slow, we abandon it and look for an alternative. After all, there are too many websites.

Around 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Therefore, the web application's loading speed or web page will always be one of the web development and trends in the coming years.

Must seek new technologies to speed up websites. Data security is also a trend of the future and will only get bigger with time.


#6 WebAssembly


The first thing you should not compromise on when developing web applications is performance. However, the limitations of JavaScript slow down the heavy computation, which degrades the user experience considerably; it is one reason for the birth of WebAssembly. This technology makes it possible to translate any programming language code into a bytes code that operates in a browser.


Here are some of the benefits of WebAssembly:


  • Programming language and platform-independent

  • Platform and language-dependent

  • Is hardware independent

  • Offers a high level of security

All this forms a triangle - small footprint, cross-platform scripting, and speed. These three elements are essential for modern web development


#7 Motion Design UI


Motion design is one of the most important trends in web development. Smooth animations are essential for a website and are becoming increasingly popular today. It expects that this web development trend will grow even more in 2021. In this case, both GIF and Motion UI animations will work.


Motion UI is becoming increasingly popular as it allows web developers to animate their content without using JavaScript or jQuery.


The minimalist design combined with sophisticated interactivity is pleasing and draws the user's attention. Enterprise design is about how these elements implement -


  • Page header transitions

  • Graphics

  • Pop-ups

  • Drop-down menu

  • Browse


All of this allows you to show your unique style and entertain the user, improve behavioral factors and help your web application rank higher in search results.


With AMP, it is possible to implement a commercial design without losing load speed. So if you want to attract users to your website, you should start thinking about animations today.


After all, you want to make your website more attractive and get maximum user satisfaction. Think about the trends mentioned here for active website development and design techniques, and you will have a valuable and exciting website.


Therefore, to retain all those trends in mind, you can discuss a top web development company in India to complete the latest web development trends. You can avail of their services to create a unique website.