Essential Skills to look when hiring Front-end developer

On 23 Mar., 2021

Front End Developers are in great demand now a days. In this blog I am going to dicuss about few things which you must assure before hiring a Front End developers.

Essential Skills to look when hiring Front-end developer
If you look at each and every website, SaaS, Mobile Application, PWA, or SPA the main reason behind their success is “Front-end development”. You all must be wondering how? Because the front-end developers use their creativity and imaginative skills to make the web solutions more attractive and extremely valuable.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web developer's demand will grow 8% by 2029, and their median annual salary is around $73,760.
Front-end developers also help in improving and establishing the online presence of your brand. Companies that hire front-end developers can turn data and design into graphical interfaces that users can interact with.
The market is full of Front-end developers, but finding the right talent for your organization is going to be challenging every time. That is why it is important to know what technical skills and traits your employees have and whether they will be able to execute your brand or not.
To know what your employee should possess among the rest, here is a quick guide to help you with the skills and traits your candidate should have:
Technical skills:
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When organizations hire front-end developers, they always look for someone who has a great understanding of programming languages and frameworks like HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. 
Let's have a quick look over the technical skills:
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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard markup language used to build applications and web pages, and thus, it is considered one of the best web development processes or backbone of the web development process. HTML is responsible for giving the best look to the websites.
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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the language used in the presentation viewpoint of a site. With this, developers can give the best and unique look to the website
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JavaScript (JS) is used to add more functionality to the website, make the website more dynamic and interactive, and allow the website to play the videos, validate forms, animations, page reloading, etc. It is required to have sound knowledge of JavaScript for better web development. To hire a front-end developer, you must look for this particular skill in the candidate.
Frameworks for JavaScript and CSS
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Frameworks are used to simplify and speed up the development process. With frameworks of JavaScript and CSS, you don't need to start from scratch and write the code for the program's basic or standard functionalities. Instead, you can aim for your project's main objective.
With more frameworks available in the market, it becomes easy for everyone to choose the best with its advantages and disadvantages to growing the business more by using their unique applications. Hence, for developing a project, a good knowledge of frameworks is reasonably necessary nowadays.
Testing and Designing skills
Along with programming skills, Front-end developers should be well versed in designing and testing as it enhances the performance of the software. There are few testing and designing skills that companies should look for when they hire front-end developers. 
Some of the testing and designing skills are:
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It is the deciding factor of your website as it gives the first impression of the website to the customer. Your website's good experience to the customer makes a higher probability of your products and service's success. There are numerous tools and techniques available in the market, and front-end developers should cope-up with some techniques/tools.
GIT/Version control system
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After marking up with HTML, CSS's styling, and programming with JavaScript, a front-end developer passes every barrier and reaches its aim of developing an application. But sometimes, when you want to revise your code, the worst thing that can happen is to start again to correct just a few lines or a single code.
With version control, developers can control or track the source code changes, which prevents the whole code from being affected. There is a popular version control tool known as Git, a free and open-source control system that is fast, robust, and flexible.
A front-end development company asks for their employees to have a good knowledge of this particular technique.
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Testing is the most crucial phase of the development process that shows the presence of errors in the program. A front-end developer should be able to write the test cases for the front-end of the website as well as test the website for its design, performance, and seamless functionality. 
Hire a front-end developer that should have a strong knowledge of Functional testing and unit testing.
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Along with the testing and coding, one should also prepare a wireframe for the entire project. A wireframe is nothing but an outline of the project, including details of the software/ application like design, functionality, and content that needs to be delivered.
The wireframe can reveal the challenges in the initial phases, according to which the developer can take relevant actions and work on a real goal.         

If you are looking to hire a front-end developer, then with technical skills, you need to focus on Non-technical skills, which are equally important and valuable. A proper team player is someone who is versed in both technical skills and non-technical skills.
 Let's now discuss some non-technical skills:
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Communication doesn't mean that you need to use grammar or make good sentences, but it means that you should understand what your client is asking or ideating. Without this, you can never understand your client's requirement, and you can never match the product or services with them. To hire a front-end developer, a front-end development company should always look for a candidate who has excellent communication skills.
Team player/ critical thinking
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Web development or project development is a teamwork process. Hence, it needs correlation and cooperation between the team members, and also, they should have critical problem-solving skills with the ability to handle issues.
Inventive/ creative
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Being inventive and creative is just a word to front-end developers as they need to be more creative and imaginative to make the web page attractive and eye-catchy. It is among the best on-technical skills, which a front-end developer must possess to engage a good number of users.

All these skills are necessary to have as the market keeps changing, and new technologies are being invented regularly. To be on a profit side, your organizations need to hire a front-end developer who can adapt things pretty quickly.


Finally, I would like to add that the right front-end developer can bring more innovative business solutions to the clients by making attractive designs and website layouts.
Front-end developers use innovative and imaginative skills along with tools and frameworks to make attractive web solutions, which later can cause great engagement on web solutions.
To hire a front-end developer, you should look for the skills listed above and also check that one should be up to date with ongoing trends and best practices being opted in the field.