What Keywords You Should Use In LinkedIn Profile To Get a Job?

On 28 Feb., 2021

Determine the keywords that could help boost your profile on linkedin by reading this article

What Keywords You Should Use In LinkedIn Profile To Get a Job?

LinkedIn is a platform where thousands of ambitious professionals search for their dream jobs. Often times individuals search for ways to increase their LinkedIn traffic and search for jobs using their LinkedIn profiles. The truth is, once you learn how to use LinkedIn proficiently you won’t be short of opportunities regardless of your academic history and experience.

Importance of Keywords on LinkedIn

Recruiters search for potential candidates for their organization through keywords. Keywords are now very important on LinkedIn as well. Most of LinkedIn’s revenue is generated by recruiters using keywords to find deserving candidates to fill their vacancies.

The best part is, that you can never go wrong with keywords. Anything you use on your profile might be something that some recruiter is in search for in a candidate. And the easy way to get past that obstacle is to research the job you are applying for and include those main keywords on your profile.

Five tips to improve your LinkedIn SEO and bring more traffic on your profile:

  1. Ensure your headline is professional and strong
    Your headline is your first branding message on your LinkedIn profile and also the most crucial place to add keywords. Adding a keyword on your headline can make a huge impact on recruiters.
  2. Including keywords to your job title
    You should consider adding keywords to your job title as well. If your job title is vague, it means that you are missing out on a chance to earn more traffic and more chances of recruiters approaching you. Although, be careful that you don’t accidentally end up changing your job title.
  3. Use the ‘Extra’ section on LinkedIn to add projects and other important things on your profile
    This section is often the most neglected option of LinkedIn, but it holds an opportunity to add more keywords to your profile. You can include sections like projects, Honors & Awards, Certifications and Trainings to ejaculate more keywords in your profile.
  4. Ensure your about section is strong with keywords
    Your about section is what describes you. Remember that the recruiters will know what you have written here. So ensure its not too boring or lengthy. Try to write your about section as a story which includes important keywords that describe you, your skills and your qualities
  5. Skills & Endorsements
    One of the best options provided by LinkedIn is Skills & Endorsements. Choose your skills carefully. Ensure that they are relevant and meet your current required job position. This section has now developed as a complete SEO tool if used correctly. The terms used here impact your search ability heavily on LinkedIn.
    Endorsements are very important as they help reaffirm confidence of the recruiters that you possess these skills.


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