Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels: Utilities and Specifications

On 18 Feb., 2021

An electrical vacuum circuit breaker panel produced by the leading VCB panel suppliers in India is a framework in any structure that people often don’t need to play with at all

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels: Utilities and Specifications

An electrical vacuum circuit breaker panel is one of the most important distribution points in any electricity framework, be it a domestic structure or an industrial unit. As per the load requirements, these breakers release the power that ranges from 100 to 200 amps of power. Power enters your premises from the nearby powerhouse flowing through an electrical meter while ending up at the main breaker and subjects to be distributed through your main panel.  

A VCB panel comes into play during the unexpected power failures

In case of a sudden or unexpected power failure, you as a property owner can switch the power source from the mainline to make sure you have fully uninterrupted power in your structure while running all the important appliances of your home smoothly. An electrical vacuum circuit breaker panel produced by the leading VCB panel suppliers in India is a framework in any structure that people often don’t need to play with at all. It is only an unexpected situation of a power failure when they need to know how the system works. 

Resetting a tripped breaker

Resetting a tripped breaker is not a very difficult task. What you have to do is just open the door of the breaker panel and find out the one that has tripped. When found, just flip the switch to the operational mode again. However, for more complex issues in a VCB panel, a professional and qualified electrician is strongly recommended. It is because the amount of electricity that flows through the circuit is huge and any mistake while handling the apparatus can cause a serious security threat. 

Specifications of an 11 Kv  VCB electrical panel produced by the leading VCB panel suppliers in India include the following:

  • Application - Control & Protection of Trf. Power, Capacitor, Motor
  • Reference Standard - IEC 62271-200:2003/ IS:3427:1997
  • Operational Voltage - 12KV
  • Operational Current - 630,800,1250,1600,2000, 2500, 3150 A
  • Phase/Frequency - 3 Phase/ 50 Hz
  • Insulation Level - 28 KV rms/ 75 KV Peak
  • Short Time Rating - 20/26.3/31.5/44 KA
  • Peak Withstand Current - 50/66/80/110 KA Peak
  • Degree of Protection - IP-54 ( Indoor) / IP-55 (Outdoor)
  • Internal Compartment - IP-2X
  • Max. Temp. Rise - 40°C Over Ambient 45°C
  • Relative Humidity - 95%
  • Special Test - Internal arc tested at 10KA for 0.1Sec.

Concluding Remarks 

An electrical vacuum circuit breaker panel is considered to be the lifeline of any electrical framework, be it a housing society or an industrial unit. They must be chosen very cautiously with no compromise on the loading requirements and capacity of the system to be installed. These breakers not only provide the users with safety but also let them move to an alternative power source in case of an unexpected or emergency power failure. 

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