Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve CV

On 27 Jan., 2021

Get some information on how to improve and enhance your CV

Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve CV

There are no such rules for CV writing, but it’s always safe to follow a few guidelines according to the traditional style. CVs often vary from person to person and industry to industry, however, a few basic rules stay the same.

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Apply these 10 simple tricks to stand out in your CV / resume:

  1. Ensure that it’s easy to read and well formatted
    Your CV needs to be structured in a way that is easy for the reader to scan through and focus on what interests them. Avoid long paragraphs and excessive exaggeration, use bullet points to break your information in chunks which will be easier to read for the recruiters.
  2. Eliminate grammar and spelling errors.
    First impression counts for a lot, so make sure that your CV is free from all grammatical errors. Once you’re done designing your CV give it to someone for proof-reading to eliminate as many mistakes as you can. Make sure that you have used correct punctuation for the text and placed commas and full stops wherever necessary.
  3. Emphasize on your achievements more than your duties
    Use powerful words that describe your abilities and achievements. It’s important to highlight your achievements so the recruiters get a clear idea about you and what you are capable of.
  4. Professional Summary
    Include a professional statement in your resume rather than an objective paragraph.
    The hiring managers are interested in knowing you. Hence its vital that you write a concise and clear professional summary which talks briefly about your history and skills. This section should summarize you key skills and achievements.
  5. Use compelling language
    Always remember our CV is more or less like a sales brochure where you’re promoting your skills. Use powerful and positive words which always make a difference to the reader. You recruiters need to know what special skills you have in order to select you.
  6. Keep it short and to the point
    As you know the recruiters hardly have time to read your CV so ensure its brisk and concise. Fill in maximum relevant information in little bullet points. Avoid lengthy descriptions.
  7. Keep it relevant
    Ensure that all information on your CV is updated and precise. Avoid exaggeration and details about your education, work description or achievements. All the employers need to know should be in brisk bullet points.
  8. Search targeted roles
    Google the roles you are interested to for and make sure your skills and accomplishments are aligned to it. This makes a huge difference for the employers as they see that you acquire the skills they require.
  9. Avoid clichés
    Tell less show more. Use this policy to impress your employers. Avoid words such as ‘hard-working’, ‘team worker’ and ‘self-worker’ instead mention situations where you use these traits.
  10. Link you CV profile to your CV and ensure that it’s updated
    LinkedIn has been upgraded during the last decade. Online profiling is very important if you want to land jobs in huge companies. Numerous organizations have registered on LinkedIn and hire qualified professionals to fill their vacancies.