Want to Buy an Apple Computer? You Have Six Options

On 12 Dec., 2020

When you go for windows laptops, there are variety of options available in the market but only few variants are available for IOS. Why?

Want to Buy an Apple Computer? You Have Six Options

The price of Apple computers is usually higher than that of the PC and in addition, they do not come with Windows, but with the operating system macOS. That is not only a different name, but actually a different operating system that has a different way of working than Windows. We will teach you more about this in follow-up articles.

In addition, programs you use in Windows usually don't work in macOS. There are then other programs available that allow you to do the same. Some software manufacturers sometimes make both a Windows version and a macOS version. For example, the Office package is also available as a macOS version.

If you buy a PC with Windows, you have access to thousands of models, brands and types. If you buy an Apple computer, you can choose from six models:

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro (Intel or M1 Processor)
  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac mini
  • Mac Pro

We are going to briefly explain the difference between all these models.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The laptop variant of the Mac computers is called MacBook. There are two variants of this, namely the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air is an ultra-thin laptop without a DVD drive. Not for the toughest work, but great for sending email, organizing photos, browsing the web, watching videos, and more. A DVD drive can be connected separately.

The heavier laptop from Apple is the MacBook Pro. It can also handle demanding tasks such as extensive video editing and advanced games. Moreover, Apple recently has launched a powerful version of MacBook with its own (self-designed) chip for better and enhanced performance.

iMac (Pro)

Apple's turnkey solution is the iMac: monitor and computer in one, renowned for its beautiful design. Available as an entry-level model and as a very powerful version on which, for example, heavy video editing is also possible.

The iMac Pro was also introduced in 2017. It offers even more capacity for tasks requiring a powerful computer. Brecently Apple realise that the performance of all laptop varients are same. So, finally in November 2020, Apple unveils their first laptop with self-designed M1 chip which is known for performance. Click here to know the difference.

Mac mini

In terms of performance comparable to the MacBook Air, but a desktop (so with a separate monitor). Also without a DVD drive. A big plus is the size: it is a small elegant cabinet on the desk.

Mac Pro

The most powerful computer from Apple that most closely resembles the desktop (a large case). This version includes a separate monitor. The Mac Pro is, as 'Pro' says, for professional use and you can actually cancel this option when making your choice.

What about the iPad?

Since March 2010, Apple has another product category: the iPad. The iPad is a tablet and falls somewhere between the smartphone (like the iPhone) and the desktop (like the iMac). It's not a phone, but it's not a computer either. Still you can make video calls with it and you can also work and play games on it. The iPad has its own operating system, called iPadOS, and a touch screen. This makes a mouse unnecessary. It makes operation simple and user-friendly. Read more about the iPad in the article ' Getting started with the iPad '.

Why Apple?

In summary, Apple computers are generally more expensive than Windows PCs, have a different operating system, and the programs you work with in Windows are unlikely to work in macOS. Switching to an Apple sounds anything but attractive that way. Then how is it possible that Apple computers are becoming more and more popular? The answer is that Apple computers have advantages over PCs. You can read more about this in the article ' Mac and Windows PC, a comparison '.