Apple Unveils First Laptop with a Self-Designed Chip

On 12 Dec., 2020

Apple has announced the first Macs to work with Apple's own computer chip, the M1. They are the new versions of the MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

Apple Unveils First Laptop with a Self-Designed Chip

Apple promised earlier this year that the Mac would switch to the new, proprietary Apple chips, but products were not announced at that time. That has now happened with the unveiling of the new Macs.

MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is 3.5 times faster than the previous model, according to Apple. The graphics power is five times higher, which means that more games have to run smoothly. The SSD storage speed would have doubled.

The built-in chip also does not require a fan, so the laptop remains completely silent, just like a smartphone or tablet. Battery life is higher than with previous MacBooks: according to Apple, you can make video calls twice as long.

The new MacBook Pro

The 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro is also equipped with the Apple M1 chip. Graphically, it is five times more powerful than the current Intel copy that Apple sells. The tech giant says it's three times faster than competing Windows laptops.

The MacBook Pro will still be equipped with a fan. This allows the laptop to achieve higher clock speeds and better performance. The chip is energy efficient enough to browse the web for 17 hours or watch video for 20 hours.

The new MacBook Pro is sold for 1,449 dollars.

Mac Mini

Apple's small Mac Minicomputer will also get a variant that runs on the self-designed chip. With this computer, the processor power is three times higher than with the previous model. Graphically, the power is six times greater. 

On the back are USB-C ports and an HDMI 2.0 port. With the latter, a resolution of up to 6K is supported. 

Apple M1 chip

The new Macs run on the Apple M1 chip, which the tech giant has designed especially for the computers. This part contains all separate processors that were previously loose on the motherboard.

The M1 is made at 5 nanometers and has 16 billion transistors. The processor has eight cores. Four of these offer high performance, while the other four are energy efficient. Sounds good? Then what are you waiting for? Get your new laptop with M1 chip and trade your old MacBook for reasonable prices. Request free quote now and get best price quote while staying at home.

Apps start immediately

According to Apple CEO Craig Federighi, the M1 chip is lightning fast. Apps start immediately and run smoothly. Web browser Safari is said to run up to 1.5 times faster than on Intel Macs. 

Developers need to optimize their apps for the M1 chip before they work properly on the laptop. Apple has already done that itself with its own apps. In addition, developers have been given time to do the same since this summer. It will also be possible to run iOS apps on the Mac.

Is this the End for Intel Macs?

Apple sold all of its Macs with Intel chips. By switching to self-designed alternatives, the end of the collaboration with Intel Inside.

Still, it will take some time. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously promised that the company will continue to sell Intel Macs alongside those with its own chips for some time to come.