Home design, furniture design

By Qurrati
On 6 Dec., 2020

The influence of interior design on house

Home design, furniture design


Interior design plays an essential part in raising the morale of the person and the feeling of joy within the home

where the moving of the feeling met color and changes of shapes and lighting influences for the design details

within the space, when fit housing in design with the elements of rights and needs within the different spaces,

and perfect harmony with the environment around him, also an honor for the brain of people with desires to

achieve differently, which vary from one person to another and from group to another, Also from child to

people or woman for the sheikh, and so on Therefore, it was necessary to enjoy the housing aspects which take

into account to raise the morale of the occupants and thereby help in managing their thinking and support the

design of this home on the key points are determined in the following First Section: displays the roles of the

house during history in both the interior environment and in some special spaces in the house. Second Section:

deals with the psychological effects of colors on interior design of house which shows its importance. Third

Section: reviews “the Light on interior design and influence to human in the house. Fourth section: Analysis

Furniture in home. Fifth section: Introduction some of important natural Materials in interior space of house

and influence in interior design. Interior design and achieve the humane needs" - that the interest in the

education of psychological people, and his involvement spaces interior of the house and the resulting style may affect.

Home design, furniture design