Education paper

On 1 Dec., 2020

Many students face an unbearable struggle whenever they receive a new education assignment.

Education paper

Many students face an unbearable struggle whenever they receive a new education assignment. If you torment yourself with the questions like: “How do I write my education paper?” Am I good enough to write my education paper?” or “Who can help me write my education paper?” then you are not an exception.

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Education paper:


In the research problem is to find out the link between early childhood reading and childhood development in trying to establish the underlying facts, the research considered the problem background and formulated a problem statement .How does exposing children to early reading early childhood development as a guide question to assist in leading to the facts underlying the statement problem .Several papers and articles have been written and published on the same issue. One of them is from Wikipedia; this article defines the stages of education from birth to eight years . For a child to successfully undergo desired traits for proper brain development. There are five stages that children undergo this stages are usually referred to as SPICE .The first one is the social domain, this refers to the ability to positively relate with fellow human beings and form relationship .For children it means playing with friends, sharing of items and generally having the sense of compatibility when a left with other children or even adults. The second domain is the physical one, the child needs to learn how to move around and perform simple tasks. Thirdly the child should be able to make sense out of their environment. In addition, the child requires creative ideas for the development of talent. for the domain is the cognitive one, this in relation to the manner in which children think and react to situations. There are four stages of developing cognitive characteristics among children, the sensor motor stage, the pre operational stage ,the concrete operation stage and the formal operation stage, the last domain is the emotional one ,this is the child’s self awareness and confidence, does the child trust in herself or not. The above domains play a major role in developing a child’s early education process. To develop intellectually children need to be exposed to early learning stages so that they can grow into responsible and law abiding adults later in life.


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