Area Rugs: The Art of Beauty Inside Your Home

On 11 Nov., 2020

Area rugs have traditionally been used for outdoor decks, porches, porch roofs, patio doors, or front yards to create the illusion of more space. They can be made of wool, wicker, natural fibers like jute, cotton, sisal, rattan, wicker, hemp, and other natural fibers. With many types of rugs to choose from, we’ve compiled two of the most popular rugs for a quick comparison.

Area Rugs: The Art of Beauty Inside Your Home

Difference Between Cotton Rugs and Wool Area Rugs


There are so many different styles of area rugs to choose from. From the traditional area rugs to the modern and contemporary area rugs, you can find a rug for almost any space you need. You can even get it with a design similar to a picture or image from a picture frame to create a unique look in your home.



  • Cotton rugs have become one of the most popular choices of area rugs. They come in all shapes and sizes to cover just about any type of space, regardless of its size. Most cotton rugs will be made from cotton or synthetic fibers, which can be woven into patterns. They can be purchased in plain colors, prints, stripes, fringes, floral, or abstract designs.



  • Wool area rugs, also known as area rugs, are very versatile and are commonly found in homes, offices, stores, and anywhere with large areas. Wool can be chosen to match almost any decorating style, whether you are looking for something subtle or something that reflects your personality. The wool is very soft and comfortable to the touch. Wool is also highly durable.



Things To Consider When Buying Area Rugs


When choosing an area rug for your home, make sure you get one that will last a long time. The following are the things you need to consider when buying an area  rug by style:



  • Choose an area rug that will fit into a certain area that you need to cover or are planning to add on. For instance, if you plan to paint your walls, you might want to consider getting a wood-colored rug instead of a wall-to-wall color. Area rugs that are patterned or come in patterns are a great idea for creating a uniform look.


  • Area rugs do not only serve their function for their function, but they are also a perfect decorating item. Place a wool area rug under a table at night while watching a movie or reading a book, or watching a game on television. An area rug around a chair or loveseat adds that special touch to a living room.


  • The color of your area rug will really set it apart from the rest of the other decorating items. You may want to think about the style and design of the rug before making your decision. They come in all different shades and hues to match your existing decorating theme. Some people choose area rugs that match their carpet, but others prefer to match the rugs with their furniture and other decorative pieces. For example, you may want a rug with a rustic look if you live in the country or a more modern look in an urban setting.


  • Area rugs can add a lot of warmth to your home. If you have area rugs in every room of the house, it will help to brighten the mood and make the room feel more warm and welcoming. Choose the right one for the right occasion and place. Use an area rug to add life and style to an empty space. You will be happy with your choice when you are done.


  • Some rooms require more than one rug for a uniform look. Think about the colors and designs that would look best on each part of your furniture. If you have a bedroom, then choose a bold color rug and then use another rug to match in the corner of your room. The floor and the bed will always be in the same place.


  • A large area rug makes a perfect accent rug in an entryway. An area rug can go with any kind of decorating scheme. You can use a colorful rug as a centerpiece in the middle of a long hallway or as an accent rug. If you have a living room or family room, then you may want to pick up a plain, light color rug that is used in a variety of places in the room. You could also choose an area rug that has different colors and designs printed around it, such as flowery designs or animal prints.



In Summary


Area rugs are an essential accessory to any decorating scheme. Decorating with area rugs can give your home a more welcoming look. This accessory allows you to bring the beauty of nature inside your home to be more visible and natural to your visitors. Using an area rug to decorate your home will allow you to make a statement about you without being ostentatious.