5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Company Vehicles

On 14 Sept., 2020

Updated vehicles will do wonders for your company: improve comfort and safety, reduce maintenance costs and boost the image of your brand.

5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Company Vehicles

When it comes to car development, a few years can make a world of difference, since this industry is moving unbelievably fast. Some features that were once part of the science fiction universe or available only in highest class vehicles (cruise control, blind-spot detectors, parking assistance) are standard equipment in many cheap vehicles. 

So, if you run a business that requires the use of various vehicles every day, you might be missing out on many useful features due to your outdated fleet. Plus, old cars always cost you more money in maintenance, insurance and brand status. But how do you know it’s time to say goodbye to your old cars and welcome to new ones? Here are a few sings that will make everything clear. 

Out of warranty

New cars have much longer warranties than before (5 or even 7 years compared to standard 12-month warranties of the past). While these extended warranties tell the story of improved quality in the automotive industry, they are also great for business buyers, since any issue you experience on the car during the warranty period will be handled by someone else while you can dedicate all the attention to your company. Unfortunately, once you’re out of warranty, expect your maintenance costs to go up, so un upgrade is just a good business strategy. 

Serious cosmetic damage

Some cosmetic damage to your vehicles can’t be avoided. While little scratches and bumps do nothing buy look annoying, some more serious damage can cost you money in many ways. For instance, knocked off paint and deep scratches can easily rust and lead to structural damage to your vehicle. Also, other dents can affect the car’s ability to absorb impact if you get in an accident. 

Damaged doors can cause a malfunction in the locking mechanism which can be very dangerous, especially in a crash. But that’s not all. A damaged vehicle that carries your logo will not do anything good for your brand, so you will need to update your car in order to fix your image with clients. 

A lot of kilometers on the odometer

A car that went over the 100,000-kilometer mark is considered “middle-aged” and older cars usually cost more money to maintain. Sure, such a car is still far from the junkyard, especially if you make good maintenance decisions and do business with a well-equipped auto parts store that sells quality parts.

Actually, good parts can be the key to long vehicle life, but that’s another story. Unfortunately, an older car will become a financial burden sooner than later. A car with over 100,000 kilometers on the odometer costs roughly 30% more to maintain on average, so it might be the right time for an upgrade. 

Outdated safety features

Modern cars of today have a ton of safety features which are included in the standard equipment. These features can not only improve the safety of your drivers and passengers but also ensure your maintenance costs are minimized and damage to the vehicle is avoided. Things like active brake assistance, lane departure warnings, and automatic emergency braking are all pretty standard features in new cars, so if your company vehicles don’t have any of these features, it might be time for an upgrade. 

Also, modern vehicles will provide users with a variety of other features which can make the drive much more enjoyable. Expect your new cars to be equipped with handy GPS, fun entertainment and practical other gadgets. If you’re driving clients or making long business trips, extra equipment will definitely make the right impression. 

Your company is growing

If your company is expanding and you need to improve your business reach, it’s time to make a few changes to your transportation options. Of course, this means getting more vehicles, but it also includes getting a better and more modern fleet. Newer vehicles will allow your business to reach more buyers or investors, leave a better impression and make your company look even more professional. And if you’re updating your fleet, remember that there are fleet discounts available at various car suppliers, so you can get a good price while buying in bulk. 

Updated vehicles will do wonders for your company: improve comfort and safety, reduce maintenance costs and boost the image of your brand. So, use these tips to update your fleet and enjoy all the benefits of modern and well-equipped cars.