Literature review

On 9 Jul., 2020

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Literature review

Literature review is one of the major chapters in a research paper, thesis or dissertation. It forms a big chunk of the paper and comes immediately after the introduction. The literature review chapter is normally out to show case how relevant the topic you have chosen is by digging into past related researches. It is here that you get to demonstrate the relevance of your topic of choice and whether the ideas expressed therein are feasible.

There is certainly no better way of doing this other than looking at what others have done before. By doing so you get to compare and contrast the context of your area of research and also try and justify how you reckon your ideas will fit into the existing pool of knowledge, bring new ideas on board and improve upon what is currently accepted in that particular area of study.

In a broad sense, literature review is supposed to show how well you understand that field. This will be shown by how well you are able to bring together ideas of various authors and come up with a substantive view of the whole concept. This should be able to provide you with a good platform upon which you will be able to build your own case without coming out as someone who is just making an extension of what is already in existence.

Literature review can be quite involving and tedious. There might be millions of papers that preceded yours and therefore sieving through all of these in an effort to eliminate what is irrelevant and concentrate on what seems to relate more with your specialty can be quite tasking. There has to be life beyond the books remember!

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