What are Some Content Marketing Hacks to Get Higher Traffic?

On 21 Apr., 2020

Content Marketing is a great way to obtain more online traffic, and you can improve traffic faster with some hacks and tips.

What are Some Content Marketing Hacks to Get Higher Traffic?

Content Marketing is one of the most important digital marketing techniques that are used by businesses based online to get more traffic. Are you looking for some content marketing hacks that can help you to get higher traffic for your website more easily? Read on to get some tips and tricks about this type of marketing.

Try Padlock Posts

Sometime or other, you might have come across posts that are greyed out in blog feeds? These are referred to as “Padlock Posts” by the industry insiders. Basically, these are regular blog posts that can be accessed only by the email subscribers of those blogs. When a user clocks on any of these posts, they are promoted for their email address by a small popup message. This might still be in a nascent stage, but appears to be yielding good results.

Use cuts to make your videos roll smoother

Nobody likes to watch videos that seem to go on and on, and more and more users are looking at the time duration of videos before clicking on them. That means you have to make your videos finish very fast. Until now, you might have been releasing videos with just a couple of cuts to make them look natural? Now cut out your pauses and speech disfluencies, and see how faster the videos finish! Cut out everything that slow your videos down, and you can optimize audience retention for your video content.

Update posts and release again

You can use the Animalz Revive Tool which uses Google Analytics to find out which posts witness the largest drop in traffic. You can update those old posts and just relaunch the same to make it look like a fresh post to your audience and the web crawlers, and witness a 2 – 3 times increase in your organic traffic. Learn more about finding the best SEO services expert at this website.

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