Top Benefits of Structural Foam That Make It a Better Alternative

On 12 Feb., 2020

Whenever it is about the manufacturing of lightweight plastic parts on a large scale, structural foam molding is considered to be the most suitable method because of some specific characteristics.

Top Benefits of Structural Foam That Make It a Better Alternative

We are living in a world full of technologies that have made human life easy and comfortable. Coming to the point, we are here discussing the main advantages of structural foam molding, which is one of the most reliable methods for the production of lightweight plastic parts. Now the question is how it is different from other conventional molding methods. To explore the main advantages of hiring one of the most reliable Structural Foam Molding Companies, continue reading this article.

Before you start looking for a reliable Structural Foam Molding Company, you should understand the whole process and its benefits. It is a process almost similar to traditional plastic injection molding processes, but with an additional feature. The inert gas used in the injection process makes it a different manufacturing method from conventional molding methods. The inert gas acts as a chemical blowing agent, which is why the core of the final parts has a foam-like structure. Let's explore what are the main advantages of structural foam molding and why it is so popular nowadays.

  1. Plastic parts built through this method have the highest strength-to-weight ratio. This is because the core of the end products has a foam-like structure while the outer walls remain solid and strong. Considering this, whenever it is about the production of lightweight and strong plastic parts, no other method can be better than structural foam molding.
  2. It is a method that allows you to produce stiff and complex parts without any sink marks or errors. In other words, it is a perfect way to manufacture faultless plastic products.
  3. Again, due to the foam-like structure, finished plastic parts have a superior impact resistance characteristic.
  4. Since low-pressure is used for the injection molding process, aluminum molds can be used, which is a cheaper material. It ultimately minimizes the overall production cost, allowing you to make more profit without degrading quality.
  5. Aluminum offers a better heat transfer speed, which eventually increases the production rate. It is undoubtedly a great advantage as it enables you to conduct production at a quick speed.
  6. Once the mold is ready, there's no need to worry about anything because the structural foam molding provides an error-free surface finishing. In short, parts built through this method don't need additional surface finishing.

So, it is a suitable method for the production of lightweight plastic parts at a good speed. What's more, the overall production cost is very low and the final parts are faultless.

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