How to prepare for chemistry O level exam?

On 17 Jan., 2020

Ordinary level or O level exam is very crucial for the future studies of a student.

How to prepare for chemistry O level exam?

Ordinary level or O level exam is very crucial for the future studies of a student. If you are required to give chemistry O level exams, you might be worried about the preparation. There is a need for proper strategies to score higher in the subject.

Here are some tips which you can follow get ready for chemistry O level exam:

  • Build up the basics:

It is very essential to cover the fundamentals and theories to build up a base for chemistry subject. You should focus on key terms and formulas to make it is easier to understand complicated topics. Focus on the content to develop a good understanding of scientific knowledge. Pay attention to the key areas and don’t forget to learn the periodic table with periodic number, mass number and group number.

  • Learn the key terms:

You should have a clear understanding of key areas such as chemical bonding, acid bases and molecule calculations. There should be clarity regarding key terms such as protons, electrons and neutrons.  Chemistry O level exam is not subjective based, therefore, answers should be specific and complete.

Write down all the equations so that it becomes easier to memorize.

  • Solve previous years question papers:

It is a good practice to solve previous years question papers, you will get the idea regarding the type of frequently asked questions. While solving papers, set a timer so that you get prepared to complete chemistry O level exam in a stipulated time. There are many books available for chemistry with step by step detailed solutions. By solving the papers, you will find out the topics you might have missed and cover it up before the exam. It will help build up the confidence and learn smartly.

  • Keep clarifying:

Before giving the exams, all the concepts should be clear and there should be no doubts regarding core topics. To clarify doubts, you can approach your teacher or the experts. Many coaching institutes are specialized in chemistry O level, you can join their course, they will help you to complete your studies on time. The tutors will continuously conduct tests so that you can keep a check on the academic progress. They also provide tricks on solving the questions properly. Ensure that you should be well prepared without any misconceptions of the topics so that you can excel in the exam.

  • Keep revising:

You should underline or highlight the important topics as it becomes easier for revising the essential points before exams. Manage your time properly and don't try to cram the theories, rather understand it. Divide the lessons for different days as it will not be possible to have a proper review of the studies in one day. When you will continuously learn, the knowledge will be up to date hence revise regularly. Lastly, most important is to make sure that you are constantly motivated towards studies and learning is not forceful but enjoyable.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can prepare for the examination strategies for chemistry O level exams.

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