MA Dissertation

On 14 Jan., 2020

All you need to know about dissertation

MA Dissertation

A MA dissertation would be the most important part of a master’s program in arts, where students get the chance to demonstrate how well they have grasped the concepts learned in class. The major part of the MA degree program is the dissertation, which may account for 50% of the marks. Students should therefore pay great attention to the qualitative aspect of the dissertation, as a master’s degree would stress on individual inputs that can identify unique qualities in a student. If a student were to write a review on a piece of literature or poetry, understanding it completely is the first step towards forming the content for the essay. The ideal English coursework would include ideas that were unexplored by other reviewers in the past. A student’s input based on sound research and understanding of the English language would help in drafting a good dissertation with Essay4students. Students should be aware though of basic techniques that could be used to draft the essay.

Establish the one main idea in the dissertation that content could be focused on. Essay questions should be asked in the introduction to get a correct indication of what it could be. For example, arguments supporting a review of a piece of literature can take a neutral stand or can be strongly opinionated. Though it would be quite difficult to establish a strong point of view based on hypothesis, it is likely to generate more interest. A possible scenario would be to establish a review based on original ideas about the topic and backed by solid evidence that includes reference material. The thesis has to be original, but students can use language skills and focus on gathering unique and useful information that would add value to the MA dissertation.

The level of research is expected to be high, as students attempting the MA program are expected to have a high level of expertise on the subject they have chosen to master. They should therefore consider the dissertation to be the most important medium to highlight their area of expertise. A topic could be chosen based on research content, but the style of writing should be unique and contribute to establish the student’s caliber or control over the language. Areas of ambiguity in gathering research content should be avoided, as there is no need to get into difficult areas where evidence is not available to back arguments. Students attempting a MA program have to showcase areas of expertise that would be identifiable with their skills. They should be able to write a custom essay.

Artistic value is often the main criteria to establish a level of expertise on a subject. The MA dissertation though has to be completed as an assignment which follows set standards in terms of approach, application of grammar, sentence structure, and logical flow of language. One need not try to attempt a new topic, but the approach on the topic chosen has to be fresh and original. Dig deep into areas not explored before while reviewing the topic, and come up with an informative and well-written paper that would speak volumes of your level of expertise.