8 Insane but True Kobelco Excavator in Dubai

By smaguae
On 8 Jan., 2020

Kobelco has state of the art climate controlled air conditioning systems within the cabin in the latest version.

8 Insane but True Kobelco Excavator in Dubai


With the growth and the rise in the Construction Industry Dubai has witnessed in the past two decades, the role of heavy machinery, and in particular, of excavators, is one of absolute importance. With a lot of competition that comes with the opportunities in the sector, it is important to choose the right brand of machinery to achieve growth in it. Kobelco is one of the biggest names in excavator.

1. Very Low Vibrations:

High vibrations is a given when it comes to excavators given the weight and the engine power of such powerful machines. Kobelco excavators, however, are known for having one of the lower levels of vibrations primarily due to absorption of any vibrations by its coil springs. Also, for the heavier vibrations, the brand uses silicone oil over its suspension mounts. Thus, overall, the vibrations are minimal despite the terrain and despite the heavy digging.

2. Comfy ROPS cab:

The Rollover Protection Structure or ROPS as is commonly called is a system that protects heavy machine operators from any serious injuries, which is very important given the often dangerous work requirements this industry demands. The glass used in this case is tempered glass that also offers very high visibility for the operator.

3. Best Torque:

Kobelco Escavators For Sale In UAE boasts the best torque in the industry which helps the equipment in fairly smooth travel despite the nature of the surface the machine is on. New construction sites in UAE are often very rough and unpredictable, with hills and slopes, in which smooth as well as powerful torque ensure two important things, efficient travel and very good swing acceleration.

4. Fuel Efficiency:

Another feature of Kobelco Excavator is the fuel efficiency it offers, which is something that is not generally a common feature of heavy machinery and vehicles. Also, the fact that it has a large fuel tank means that it gains very good mileage and thus further increases productivity because it enables more hours of continuous operation.

5. Auto Shut off Function

Another feature that is not so common even in light vehicles, let alone the heavier ones, is the auto shut off feature, which is active when the vehicle is idle or when it is on standby mode. This undoubtedly improves fuel efficiency and also allows the machine to be environmentally friendly. This also means that the engine is not overworked and thus lasts longer and requires lower maintenance. Kobelco is currently the only machine that offers this among excavators for sale in UAE.

6. In-Cabin features

The comfort features inside the cabin offered to the operators are top of the line and are unique to the brand. The radio features USB accessibility along with ports for Auxiliary input as well as Bluetooth accessibility, taking into consideration the often longer working hours spent by the operator inside the operating cabin. It also includes a state of the art reclining operator seat for higher comfort levels for the operator. In addition, it has multiple monitors in the cabin to check all system diagnostics all time for greater control and visibility.

7. Climate Controlled A/C

Kobelco has state of the art climate controlled air conditioning systems within the cabin in the latest version. This is a very important feature in UAE because of the difficult climate with very long and hot summers. This again helps the operators work efficiently for long hours and is a feature welcomed by the industry due to its immediate impact in UAE climate.